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What Careers Suit The Technology Minded People?

Technology is the best thing in the world at the minute. Without technology, you wouldn’t be able to do pretty much everything that we have the freedom to do at the minute. Some of you will admit that there isn’t a day that goes by without your phone in your pocket, and that phone coming out of your pocket multiple times in that day. Some of you will also admit that not a day goes by where you don’t come home to your laptop, and spend the night doing whatever on that. But do you want to know where there isn’t a day that goes by without this happening? It’s because you have a love for technology, and how it changes your life. If you’ve never really thought about it before, then this might be one of the first times you’ve ever admitted you actually have a love for technology! Whether it is or it isn’t, there one thing you could think about is where your love for technology is going to take you, and that could be towards a new career. If it’s about time you found one, here’s a few careers that suit the technology minded of you!

Operations Management

This is one that you might not have thought of before, because let’s face it when reading the title to this article, the first thing you would have thought about is the something like an IT systems analyst, or anything IT really. But it doesn’t always have to be a direct link to IT to be a role related to technology, and we think this one will suit a lot of you. You could look at the operations management degree option, which gets your foot in the door education wise, and helps you be far more employable. At the same time, you could get hands on experience, as the role does demand a lot from people. It’s managing the production of a whole business organisation, which really is revolved around technology all the way through. We think it’s perfect for those who are great at organisation, quick at working, and are looking for a career that’s well paid and long lasting!

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is just fun. You’ll often find that so many companies are offering this role at the minute, whether they be an actual marketing company, or a big company who needs their social media pages managing. It’s a great career for those who are looking to work in an exciting environment, manage something huge to a company, and be subjected to cool technology to work on. You could be using software to create marketing campaigns, or you could be using it to create graphics for the social media page!

Web Development

Now this is for all of you who are hardcore technology lovers. The ones that like the ins and outs of it, not just the pieces of technology that can be used. Web development is hard and challenging to learn, but it’s actually super well paid! You can either learn it through a course, or you could teach it all yourself and get an apprenticeship role to receive ongoing training!

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