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Top 10 Apps with Best Graphic Designs

With a lot of apps being released these days, designers should really generate apps that are prominent. Mobile applications are even changing the manner people design anything these days. Graphic designers of mobile apps are moving forward to higher resolution with innovative retina displays – such as in iPad3 – and a lot of people believe that these changes will be super sleek and beautiful soon. However, prior to that happening, people can enthuse from inspirational high quality designs of mobile apps. Regardless of which platform graphic designers create, they can transfer experience to web from mobile, to tablets from the World Wide Web!

In spite of some stiff competition from others, iPhone is still the primary smartphone of preference for a lot of people. It is not only the most excellent apps of iPad that have practical utilization to graphic designers – the pocket-sized marvel of Apple is extremely handy design as well. Together with the most excellent iPhone apps, it can be filled with a lot of amazing features. In this article, you will be aware of the top 10 mobile apps that have best graphic designs and with excellent UI experience.

1. Fuzel – this application allows you to create free remarkable photo collages. With different features and cool UI, Fuzel app enables you to mix photos and include special effects and create captions. This mobile app imports photos and expertly puts them in order for these images to fit within your selected frame. In addition, you can tap on a photo and realign it, touch it if you want to resize the image, include a variety of filters and select from various borders and frames.

2. 3DMark – this is a benchmarking application that has since been causing the personal computers to experience paces as of 1990s. These days, with the iOS version of 3DMark, it will provide a complete 3D experience and award you a practical score. The real fun of this app lies within running the standard tests, which are amazing mock-ups of an action-packed and comprehensive 3D game. They are a must-see, and as soon as they are done, you will be able to discover how many frames for every second your mobile device can manage and just how amazing it is at boosting 3D physics.

3. Behance – a lot of people are huge aficionados of online portfolio application at Creative Bloq, particularly its super-slick app on iPhone. Hence, a lot of people are keen to look into the developments made for its latest version. The significant changes in this app have been the WIP (Work in Progress) feature, in addition to the innovative Flash controls included for the Work in Progress Camera and photo editing applications such as Adobe Photoshop Touch. Graphic designers of this app have added Pin functionality as well, in order for you to view a Pinterest button in its menu.

4. Geló – gradients happened to be a lost art in terms of photography in iPhone, but this app fills that gap extremely well. As soon as you have imported or taken a photo, you will be able to see a carousel of “gels” with Geló. Through the sliders, you can change how filter tweaks the image, and it is the high control level that makes this application a success. In addition, you can change individual positions and colors until it provides you a rational graduation or you can become a bit more creative and produce vintage images or make use of a variety of shapes in order to include a “gel collage effect”.

5. Frametastic – this app is used to share pictures – not only a moment but memorable and important photos. Frametastic enables you to have an artistic outlet for managing photographic moments of your life and your loved ones while enabling you to change images with different color filters.

6. Webr – this app is primarily designed for web designers. It helps them make, publish, and amend vibrant websites from iPhone. Through the intuitive themes of Webr, you can create not only blogs, but completely-functioning websites – which are viewable for any computer browser.

7. Cinemagram – this effective app allows you to fill the gap between photography and your iPhone’s comfort for motion by animating image sections and allows you to apply traditional filters to include that hipster advantage, prior to sharing your created photography all over the social media.

8. NightCamera – while the camera of your iPhone can generate some half-decent photos in standard light, having a slow lens indicates that it usually badly performs in low light forms, and easily blurs. This is where NightCamera app comes in, which allows you to tap into the accelerometer of your mobile device in order to identify when your camera is steady. In addition, NightCamera improves the quality of your taken images.

9. ColorToy – this is another very useful application for people who regularly work with color schemes – whether for illustration, web design or graphic design. It allows the user to produce harmonizing shades according to the key color – you can select your favorite colors from images and manage and collate your chosen palettes in scrapbooks for reference later.

10. Storyboard Composer – the most excellent films originate from thorough preparation and planning, and among the most significant stages of that are storyboarding. Having a composition of your preference prior to beginning filming generates a huge difference to the eventual quality, but it takes a lot of work. This application makes it somewhat simpler by allowing you to take images or import them into the app, and include notes and arrows in order to point out what needs to be going onto the screen.

The aforementioned 10 apps are the applications that contain the best graphic designs that you will surely love to install and download on your mobile device. These apps accelerate your workflow, and helps you make the appropriate design preferences in terms of taking photos, designing a storyboard, or creating completely-functioning websites. Having these 10 best apps with great graphic designs will surely add fondness to your iPhone!

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