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Three Useful Navigation Apps for the iPad

Disney World Maps – Free
Can’t find that ride? This will help
It is hard to imagine anyone visiting Disney World carrying an iPad around when there are so many attractions and things to do, but if you have a backpack and want an interactive map then this is a well-executed product that you should definitely take a look at. It is simply designed and brightly coloured. It can work out your location using GPS if your device has it or you can select areas, zoom in and navigate yourself; All the rides show waiting times and information, but everything from first aid to food is displayed, making it particularly useful when travelling with a family. iPad users with a cellular model can benefit from maps as those models also come with GPS included. They are also particularly useful when combined with a data SIM card or iPad SIM only for live map updates from outdoor location.
Developer: VersaEdge Software LLC

World Travel Atlas – Free
A modern digital atlas for your iPad
Armchair explorers can sit back and relax as the iPad takes them to exotic locations around the world. It uses Google Maps for the normal and satellite views, and in addition there are political and physical maps too. You can explore by swiping and zooming or use the Regions, Countries and Cities buttons to look up places. There are descriptions, photos, exchange rates, and weather forecasts. There’s a lot of information in this freebie, but even more in the £1.99 version.
Developer: Columbus Travel Media

Compass Eye
Dare you take your iPad to sea?
Compass Eye has been designed to aid marine navigation, but don’t let that put you off, because it can be used on land too. On the screen is a large compass and when held vertically, it is overlaid on top of a live camera image with controls to zoom in and out. When held horizontal it is displayed on top of a Google Map, with the usual options of map, satellite, or hybrid. If GPS is available, then location and speed is available too. It’s good, but Spyglass is better.
Developer: Electric Pocket Ltd

This is guest post by Karim, he is a tech buff and likes to contribute his knowledge on current tech hardware and apps. He is currently writing for ipadsimshop.co.uk which offers the latest iPad SIM deals.

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