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The Final Report on the iPhone 4S and Voice Assistant Siri Presentation

Long before the presentation of iPhone 4S in front of the hall there were gathered a numerous amount of journalists who discussed the possibility of the Apple brilliant leader, and the directors council chief Steve Jobs occurrence on the event. Representatives of various media and leading blogs gathered at the Apple head office, for broadcast this landmark event live. Devoted judges and followers of its unique culture products were not slow to draw up to the main office of the company. During the event, they had to spend time outdoors, but, nevertheless, they decided to touch the great event of the technology history at least, by their presence nearby. The number of people who gathered for this event was just incredible. Smokers were not so lucky. According to a sign with a crossed out cigarette: “No smoking inside the Apple domain” a cigarette during the presentation was only for those who have followed the progress from their computer screens, sheets and smart phones. Consequently, those who stayed at their homes and did not go to the Apple office had at least this significant advantage. It was just to check the hearings about who will make a presentation and in which composition. Does Tim Cook will make it by himself or call Steve Jobs to help him? Now we know the answer to this question, but for the beginning of this event the audience fade in impatient waiting, looking forward to a new Apple history page. In particular, the live broadcasting was from Tim Stevens for Engadget.com and Ryan Block for Gdgt.com.

Tim Cook acted at the small Apple head office

Present people were amazed with the modest room size, where the presentation was held. Nothing close to such a huge area of WWDC activities. Before the start, the puffy whisper sounded in the hall. Journalists were talking on the phones during the last minutes before the presentation. Another moment and the meeting with something that will change the world and its technological content will be held. And the giant logo of Apple just appeared on the screen, the apple, which is tasted and will be tasted. The CEO Tim Cook greeted those present people in the hall. He told that the first iPod was presented in this room, which completely turned the notion of how to listen to music. He talked about the two new Chinese company’s stores. In particular, the Apple Store in Shanghai was attended by 100 thousand people in the first weekend of it’s work. On the day of opening a store in Hong Kong was sold more Macs than in any other shop in the world.

Tim Cook makes his first major presentation as the new CEO at Apple

It must be said that the style of new Apple CEO performance called for the admiration according to this even from the Western commentators. Then the video from the Shanghai store opening were shown, where visitors’ faces shone with happiness. Tim Cook told that the operating system Lion needed only 20 weeks to take 10% of the installed Windows base. Over the last year the Mac platform has spread to another 23% of users, while the PC successes more modest: only 4% of the additional customer base.

Tim Cook noted that the Mac market part is only 23%, this means that the company would work hard to attract the remaining 77%. iPod market part is still high and is 78%. Tim Cook says music players to be an important component of Apple. From July 2010 to June 2011 45 million iPod were sold. There were downloaded 16 billion songs to iTunes. Further, the CEO turned to the public topic concerning iPhone, that every year sales of this phone was 125%. Nevertheless, the iPhone part on the global mobile phone market is very modest and is only 5%. Then, distancing sweet moment exploring the novelty, Tim Cook spoke about the iPad. As he noted, iPad is changing the face of the educational process. Teachers teach and students participate in new ways. iPad is being promoted in schools. Over 80% of U.S. hospitals now test or use the iPad. Total sold amount is 250 million devices based on the iOS operating system. In the App Store more than 500 thousand applications and 140 thousand of them are focused directly on the iPad.

The Final Report on the iPhone 4S and Voice Assistant Siri Presentation

Apple has paid the developer $3 billion, then the application has been demonstrated Cards, allowing you to create wonderful greeting cards.

The Final Report on the iPhone 4S and Voice Assistant Siri Presentation

Then it went about the iOS 5, which will be in October 12th, and the audience burst into thunderous applause. First of all, the similar notification system has been demonstrated, then a new messaging system for users of BBM iOS. Support Twitter has been integrated into many applications with the ability to stir on Twitter photos, links to web sites, videos, and geographic coordinates of the cards. Simplified operation with the camera, double-click, home button and the picture is ready. The iOS applications underwent significant modifications in the direction of increasing their convenience. All this was told by head of iOS Scott Forstell. Now iOS-device can be activated without connecting to a computer.

Eddie Cue told the public about iCloud

Eddy Cue continued the evening with the conversation about iCloud, which is free for users iOS 5 and Lion within 5 GB. The extra space of this “cloud storage” optional are. He proposed to talk again about iTunes in iCloud and recalled that the users can upload their music and media content and re-access it at any time and from any device. Photos which were taken with one of the devices can also be accessed from all user devices using the “apple of the clouds.” The same applies to documents, books and applications. Events noted in the diary, are, displayed with all user devices. Development tools will be October 12, 2011. Then it was about finding friends (Find My Friends). Friends may share their latitude and longitude of their location. Now family and friends can know where the relative person is. Then Eddie Kew gently turned the conversation to iTunes Match and storage capabilities acquired in other areas of music for $24.99 a year. iCloud is going to work on October 12th and will be released on iTunes Match closer to the end of October, but only in the U.S.. The company is working to make iTunes Match of public service.

Eddie Cue told the public about iCloud

Phil Schiller described as the iPhone 4S and iPod nano

Phil Shiller came on the stage and it went on the iPod, which, he said, was at one time the represented because of her love for music. The new iPod nano has a touch screen and large size of the icons. 16 new decorations were added in the form of player hours for those who like to frequently change their style. Novelty comes in seven colors. Price 8 GB worth $129, and 16 GB – $149. Sale starts today. iPod touch got iMessage and Game Center. And it’s available as an upgrade.

And then it went about the iPhone. Phil Schiller pointed the rivals’ effort to imitate the iPhone, and the fact that they are not good in that. iPhone 4S with an A5 and Retina-screen.

The Final Report on the iPhone 4S and Voice Assistant Siri Presentation

New is twice faster than its predecessor, has a dual-core graphics processing, which runs seven times faster than the previous version of the iPhone. Then Mike Capps from Epic demonstrated the possibility of new game items on the example of Infinity Blade 2, which will be released on December 1st, and told the audience that the first version of the Infinity Blade Epic brings to company $20 million in revenue. The audience appreciated the iPhone 4S graphics capabilities.

Phil Schiller returned on the scene and said that the during the talk time on 3G the novelty works for 8 hours without recharging, the 2G network full 14 hours, and 10 hours, it can play videos or 40 hours to please it’s master with his favorite music. New iPhone 4S switches between two antennas for signal reception and transmission. The limit speed for data exchange increased to 14.4 Mbps instead of 7.2 Mbps per second for the iPhone 4.

The Final Report on the iPhone 4S and Voice Assistant Siri Presentation

The novelty supports both popular standard cellular networks, GSM and CDMA. No more different versions of the phone for different operators. The clarity of image transfer is increased to 20%. Galaxy S II makes the first shot in 2 seconds, and the iPhone 4S just in 1.1 seconds. Results need to wait half a second for the next shot to do. Next, Phil Schiller started talking about recording video on the new iPhone 4S and told the rapt audience about the ability to record HD-video with the 1080p resolution.

The Final Report on the iPhone 4S and Voice Assistant Siri Presentation

The eight megapixel camera became the reality from the dream. The clarity of color in the photos that was demonstrated by Phil Schiller impressed the audience very much. AirPlay Mirroring allows you to play on connected big screens. Connection is with the help of the cable or wirelessly. As it is noted, in its inner filling iPhone 4 is a completely new device.

Siri voice assistant speaks English, German and French

Then it was the time for the voice assistant on the basis of Siri, who understands both his master’s question: “Will be the rain in Cupertino today?” And “Should I grab an umbrella today?” The voice assistant will communicate with his boss, the user with the pleasant female voice. He will even find the answer about the weather in other parts of the world. It can be asked to wake up the user at the appointed time and voice assistant will confirm that he understood the task and execute it. Siri may be asked to show how to get to a certain place and he will show it on the map. With Siri you can dictate a text message and send it to certain destination.

Electronic Siri assistant may be asked to recall the important calls to the wife, which would be undesirable to forget. You can learn with him by asking him to find a specific article on Wikipedia. With it you can get access to the knowledge base and WolframAlpha and find out the answer on the troubling question for you such as how many days, months, weeks, weekends and even years (as a fraction) is left until Christmas or New Year. Unfortunately, Siri does not know how to shop for his user. Thus, it allows you to schedule meetings, send emails, to show direction of travel, weather, and search in contacts and create notes, and much more. When the microphone is shining with violet light, the user gives the job to his tireless electronic assistant. Supported by American, British and Australian English language version, as well as French and German. Over time, the support of other languages will appears. I wonder how long it’s going to happen?

Pre-orders for iPhone 4S will be taken since October 7th, it really will go on sale on October 14th and will be available in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Britain, Germany and Japan. In the U.S. it will work in the networks of Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. On October 28th this novelty appears in 22 countries and 70 countries later this year. iPhone 4S will work in networks of more than 100 mobile operators in the world. As for the iPhone 5 then it today wehave not seen.

8 GB version of iPhone 3GS will be free subject to a contract with the operator. iPhone 4 and 3GS sales will be continued.

Did prognosis proved?

To be sure? Justified, not all rumors at all. Steve Jobs did not appear, Tim Cook actually made a performance, but the new iPhone 4S introduced by Phil Schiller. iPhone 5 never saw the light, but his debut “voice assistant”, about which so much has been said recently.

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S

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