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The 7-inch Mini iPad: A Round Up of The Rumors, Reports and Specs

Apple is all set to announce its next lineup of products this year in fall, which is not too far away. The company has already launched the third-generation of iPad device (the new iPad) and an updated version of its mobile operating system (iOS 6). Even its iPhone 4S device is doing well in the market. This has led to the speculation that Apple may launch a mini tablet device this year by fall which will go by the name of iPad Mini.

Let us take a look at some of the probable features and functionalities which the users can expect in the iPad Mini tablet.

Screen size and resolution

As the name suggests, the iPad Mini will be a “Mini” version of the current iPad and may have a screen size somewhere around 7-inches. Also, it is touted to have a high-resolution (2048 x 1536) just like the new ‘resolutionary’ iPad with a pixel density of 326 ppi.

Hardware Features

  • Thickness: The Mini iPad might be somewhere between 7-8 inches in thickness as compared to the latest iPad device which is 9.4 mm thick.
  • Camera: The Mini iPad may or may not have a front facing camera (which is there in the third-generation iPad) and there are chances that the rear camera will be 5 megapixels just like the new iPad’s rear facing camera.
  • Smaller dock connector: Another speculation about the Mini iPad tablet is the possibility of smaller, 9-pin dock connector.
  • Storage: As per some reports, the Mini version of the iPad might have 8 GB or 16 GB internal storage capacities.

Operating system: iOS 6

Not so long ago, Apple announced its latest mobile operating system, the iOS 6. It is reported that the company will release this operating system in fall. So, we can expect the iPad Mini to run on the iOS6 operating system when it launches in the market. This means that users will get all the advanced features of the iOS 6 which includes the Apple Maps app, enhanced Siri capabilities, deep Facebook integration and much more.


There is no doubt that the iPad Mini will have Wi-Fi connectivity, 3G connectivity and will be Bluetooth friendly. But there are also chances that it will contain 4G/LTE capabilities similar to the new iPad.


The mini version of the iPad device may consist of a dual-core A5 X processor which also powers the iPhone 4S devices. This means that it will be perfect for running the 7-inch iPad.

A pocket friendly market price

As per estimates, the iPad Mini will be priced between $200 and $250 which will be less than that of the iPad devices. This price will pose a challenge to some of Apple’s top competitors in the market viz Amazon’s Kindle Fire, Google’s Nexus 7 and Samsung’s Galaxy tab/Galaxy note tablets.

The release date

Reportedly, the iPad mini will be launched on September 12. This means that in about one month, users will know the actual features and functions of the iPad Mini (if at all it is launched).

These were some of the rumors, specs and reports about the iPad Mini but we can’t rely on them till the device is launched in the market by the company officials. So, let us just keep our fingers crossed and wait for its launch.

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