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Should I Get an iPad or iPad Mini?

The late Steve Jobs once said that he never wanted Apple to conform to the ways of other tablet manufacturers and make a smaller version of what he believed to be the perfect size portable computing device. However, not long after his death, along with the announcement of the iPad 4, it was revealed that the iPad Mini would be coming to market.

This left those wanting to buy an iPad with a dilemma – should they get the larger device, which although for more money would provide them with a greater screen for watching media and carrying out tasks? Or, should they go with the iPad Mini, which although a cheaper price and more portable perhaps was a bit limited when it came to its screen size?

What size do you need?

When you consider what size of iPad you need, you’ll really need to think about what you will need it for. It’s fair to say that the larger iPad (at 9.7 inches diagonally across) is better for things like watching movies, or editing photos, and this is backed up even more by the fact that the iPad 4 has an ultra-clear retina display, which makes carrying out such visual tasks so enjoyable. Whilst the Mini (at 7.9 inches) can do the majority of the same tasks as it’s full size brother, really it’s best used by those who mainly want to check their emails, log onto their social media, browse the web or carry some music around with them, but want a separate device from their mobile phone for doing these tasks.

How much do you want to pay?

The iPad’s price depends on its internal storage size (with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB being currently available for both, and a 128GB option for the iPad 4) and whether it has 3G capabilities, i.e. whether it can access the internet outside by using a mobile-network SIM card. While the iPad Mini is undoubtedly cheaper than its same-memory-larger-sized counterpart, you need to consider whether you can sacrifice the amount of screen you lose and the fact that you won’t be getting the incredible retina display that you do on the larger version. Again, this mainly comes down to what exactly you’ll be using the device for. It should be said though that even if you do decide to plump for the Mini, it hardly slouches in the screen-quality department with a 1024×768 resolution – more than impressive and better than many comparable 7-inch tablets on the market.

Are the other options?

So it’s clear that you want to get an Apple device rather than something offered by Android or Microsoft but maybe you are a bit worried about the costs involved. If this is the case there may be other options available to you. One of those is to get an iPad 2 – these are still readily available from a number of retailers (see here), and it is still an excellent device with very impressive specifications. The other is to buy a refurbished device – this means that it may have been used as a display model in a store and has been cleaned up in order to sell ‘as new’ yet for a far more affordable cost. Whatever you decide to do, you’re bound to find that you’ll instantly fall in love with the iPad that you choose.

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