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Restore Data from Mac Trash Using EaseUS Data Recovery for Mac

For Apple Macintosh users, data recovery is kind of a difficult job. For the restrictions Mac OS has imposed, retrieving lost data off a hard drive is sometimes quite difficult if the user is not much proficient in operating the system. There aren’t many data recovery software that offers free service in Apple ecosystem, either. Nevertheless, data recovery on Mac is possible and EaseUS Data Recovery for Mac makes it even easier and better. Even if some had emptied their trash bin, those data could still be retrieved off the hard drive clusters.

Recover Data on Mac with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
EaseUS Data Recovery has always been a well reputed program. It does the job pretty well in recovering files that were deleted from a hard drive, USB storage or a memory card. The software can also access inaccessible storages to retrieve files like music, photos, audio and video files, folders on the drive, archive like .zip and .rar files and even emails. A minimal range of software offers all these feature in one interface, no wonder EaseUS Data Recovery leaves a good impression in its users’ mind.

The range of storage media includes the memory chips in various devices like cell phones, MP3 players or digital cameras. It only takes three steps to conduct the data recovery process. As a free mac data recovery software, you get all these features for free. However, that’s until a certain limit because the software is a shareware off the net.

Data Recovery

Restore Trash Data
Deleting the files off the recycle bin is a common practice. Accidentally or intentionally, deleting data from Mac trash is common and the users often need to recover trash mac. In such cases, EaseUS Data Recovery for Mac can help.

What deleting a file from Mac trash does is, deleting the directories to the files so that you can’t access them anymore. However, the data are still kept in the drive somewhere in the ferromagnetic properties and they could be pulled off using advanced tools and software. EaseUS Data Recovery is one program of that kind which can locate the deleted file traces and recover those files. However, this recovery task should be done as earlier as possible as Mac OS could replace those directories with other files and in such cases, the files will not be recoverable.

How to Restore Trash Files
If you want to recover files that had been deleted from the trash, you shouldn’t use your Mac before performing the recovery job. The free space might eventually be replicated on continued usage; hence reducing the change of getting these files back.
Second step, open the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac and proceed as usual – select the file types you want to scan and select which drive to scan for. The program will bring a result list where every recoverable file would show with previews.

Find your file and recover using the Recover button in bottom right.

Recovering trash data using EaseUS Data Recovery is easy, even on a Mac computer. If you find yourself doing this task over and over again, we recommend you purchase the paid version.

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