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Phonics and Handwriting: Let’s Learn Reading and Writing Together with iPhone or iPad

Category: Education
Developer/Publisher: Balabharathi.com
Version: 1.0.0
Price: $1.99 [ iTunes link ]

Phonics and Handwriting is the excellent application for iPhone/iPad owners who have small children. The program represents the practical tool of a so-called phonetic method of teaching children to read and write. The method consists in the establishment of interrelation between pronounced sounds and written by the program (and by the child as well) letters. The founders of this application position it as created for preschoolers, but it should be noted that it is possible to use it very effectively and for the children of primary school age studying English as foreign. The official description of this application recommends it including children with rather steady dyslexia that characterizes high efficiency of use of this application in the course of mastering by skills of reading in English.

In this application the multi-user interface allowing individually tracking rates of each child (up to three users) is realized. The main menu contains 4 main modes: writing of capital letters (uppercase) and lower case letters (lowercase alphabets), phonetic exercises for mastering by reading and writing (phonics) and exercises for fixing of spelling (spellings).

Phonics and Handwriting

Writing modes of capital and lower case letters provide appearance of silhouettes of letters of the English alphabet one after another, their sound pronouncing and the tip (by means of a moving point) how to write this symbol. The child needs to repeat only by the help of own finger movements of a point help and to write a letter respectively. Writing of all 28 letters of the alphabet on an order and, certainly, possibility of repeated repetition of the best effect passed for achievement is provided.

The Phonics mode is the powerful complex on children training of reading and writing with the help of a phonetic method. The words divided into groups (in total about 750 words), it is offered to write them literal. In the beginning each letter is said separately and it is accompanied by already familiar help on writing with a moving point. At the expiration of word writing it is said entirely, and then on sounds. The child can estimate and remember the pronunciation of the opened and closed syllable, various combinations of letters.

Phonics and Handwriting

Spellings is the mode of test tasks in which it is required to arrange letters in the correct order that they made already familiar words on the Phonics mode which are also grouped depending on their pronunciation. In case of successful writing the special indication will show to the small user that he/she handled his/her test task well, and the pleasant voice will confirm it and praise the kid.

In this application there is also a convenient mode of the statistics allowing to track successes of each child (if it is several of them, everyone separately). In the statistics window it is very simple to define what exercises were carried out and how successful they were. It is also possible to share successes through the integration service with the most popular social networks – Twitter, Facebook or via e-mail.

Phonics and Handwriting

Phonics and Handwriting

First and last, Phonics and Handwriting is the real “must have” for the good parents aspiring to help their children doing the first steps in English studying. The simple interface without unnecessary effects will allow the kid to concentrate exclusively on mastering by reading and letter rules that considerably will reduce time of development of the given material. At the same time, interesting and various tasks won’t transform training into routine, and possibility to compete by their achievements with others will be some additional motivation for your child. The Phonics and Handwriting app is available for download in the App Store for affordable price – just $1.99

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