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Media Player for Mac – Worth Checking Out!

With so many media formats around it is difficult to find an application that could handle all of them. Some applications claim they can do it but don’t you know that’s practically impossible? Elmedia does not support all, but all commonly used ones. Of course, it occasionally has hiccups. But the supported range of formats is wide enough for you not to worry each and every time you download a media file whether you need an additional codec to play it back and where you can get it. Most of the time Elmedia does a pretty good job – reliable, that is the word to describe it.

Another good thing about Elmedia is that it is powerful enough to playback HD files. These files are heavy, and processing them consumes quite a bit of resources. A couple of times I used the app to open HD files, and it worked just fine.

Elmedia has features that are meant “to enhance your experience”, but do not get too excited about them. These are features that are very common to all media players. I am talking about things such as full-screen mode, pinning the Elmedia player window on the top, fitting image into the screen, adjusting playback speed, etc.

What other media players do not have – or at least not all of them – is their own volume control. This means that you can mute the system sound and watch a video comfortably – no risk of getting startled by a loud Skype call when watching a movie.

There is a much wanted feature of playing back a video in a loop – you can specify where to start and end, and Elmedia will playback the specified segment over and over again. There are plenty of options to manage subtitles – you can load them automatically or manually and edit them.

Of course, Elmedia, just like many other media players, enables watching online videos directly from its window. Who wants to juggle multiple windows? ‘Open Online video’ allows viewing videos without obtrusive ads, the only thing you need is a URL to the video you’d like to watch.


You can compile your videos into playlists, managing them is relatively easy. Elmedia fixes the problem of syncing audio & video tracks by adjusting audio delay. If you have a DVD or a video that was copied from a DVD, Elmedia can play it back, you do not need to convert it into another format.

Okay, so this was all about the functionality you get for free. And if you are ready to shell out a few dollars for the PRO pack (can be purchased via in-app), there is more to Elmedia. Check it out!

There is a video tuner – it can help you adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and other such parameters. There is also an option to take stills from a video. What I appreciate more is the audio equalizer with ten presets; it allows you to customize the audio for different genres, specific speakers or different parts of your house. That could be a lot of fun! If you are, like me, love listening to music; there is plenty Elmedia offers – transmitting AC-3/DTS through S/PDIF included. Take sometime to figure out the way to use these features – it is certainly worth it.


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