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Is It Worth Investing in the New iPhone?

Apple’s relatively recent release of the iPhone X, XS, and XR means that many of us are turning our minds to the matter of whether we should upgrade or not. As always, there’s a whole lot of debate surrounding this subject, and, as always, there’s a whole host of people sitting on each side of the fence. So, let’s take a moment to determine whether it really is worth investing in this new piece of tech!


The first factor that influences many of our decision regarding whether to upgrading our phones for the latest model is price. While Apple products rarely tend to come cheap, the iPhone X series really does come hand in hand with a huge price tag. The iPhone XS (with 5.8 inch display) starts off at £999, while the iPhone XS Max (with 6.5 inch display) starts off at an astounding £1,099. Sure, you receive a lightning to USB charging cable, a USB power adapter, and earpods with lightning connector in the box too, but this is still a whole lot of money for the basic models to start off from. If you do want to invest in an iPhone but want to minimise the costs incurred, you might want to consider taking out a contract with a low cost company who will allow you to spread payments out over one or two years, and who will incorporate minutes, texts, calls, and data into the package too. Learn more about this at https://budgetboost.co/freedompop-phone-plan-review/.


So, what comes hand in hand with this large price tag? Most of us want to be wowed by a phone’s capabilities if we are going to fork out this much money in exchange for it! Here are some of the perks of Apple’s latest models.

  • Face ID – this allows you to access your phone without using the touch sensor or Touch ID.
  • Wide-angle and telephoto cameras – this offers you two different lenses that can be used on your phone!
  • True depth cameras – this replaces the front-facing camera, using technology that will allow you to use the Animoji feature.
  • Water resistant – ever dropped your phone into a glass of water or other shallow body of water just to see it break? The latest XS and XS Mac models are water resistant to a depth of two metres for up to thirty minutes. The XR is water resistant up to a depth of one metre for up to thirty minutes.
  • Wireless charging – all models are compatible with wireless charging provided by Qi chargers.

As you can see, there are improvements to Apple’s latest release that could sway you into purchasing one of the new iPhone series. Just make sure to determine whether the cost justifies these!

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