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How to Unlock Your iPhone 6

According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, 64% of U.S. adults have a smartphone, but they either lack other broadband internet service at home, or they have limited options for going online other than their phone.

This only solidifies the fact that smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. They’ve reached a point where they’ve changed the way we go online and do our shopping. Mobile is now 29% of e-commerce transactions in the U.S. and 34% globally. By the end of 2015, mobile share is forecast to reach 33% in the U.S. and 40% globally, according to Skift.


That’s why you should have the freedom to use your device with any carrier, in any country in the world. And the only way to do so is to unlock it.

Added benefits of unlocking your phone

a. You can choose the best cell phone plan on the market, without having to worry about what carrier it’s from. Whether you want to save a few bucks or have better services, it saves you from a lot of headache.

b. You can use any SIM from any carrier in the world when you travel. Which means you can get local SIMs to save money on outrageous roaming fees.

c. You will make more money when you sell it to upgrade to a newer model. Since whoever buys it benefits from the same perks you did, you get to raise the price.

What is the safest way to unlock your iPhone 6?

Your first option is asking your current carrier to unlock it, but you’ll most likely have to wait for your contract to expire for them to help you with this. Your second option is to go to a local phone repair shop, but they use hardware that can potentially harm your device. Or, as your third option, you can try an online unlocking platform like UnlockUnit.com or UnlockScope.com


Such platforms help you buy the unique code that was attributed to your phone in the factory. The process is fast and secure, because you can do it in a few minutes at home or while you’re out.

How to unlock your iPhone 6 by code

This is the easy part. You just have to follow a 2 step process, and you’ll have an unlocked smartphone in a few hours, or even minutes.

Step 1: Go to UnlockUnit.com and place your order, by filling a form with a few details about your iPhone 6: the country and carrier you bought it from, your IMEI (which you can find out by dialling *#06#) and your email address.


Step 2: Receive an email confirming that we’ve received your order and we’re taking care of it. In the estimated time you chose in the order, you will then receive a second email from us with the subject “Unlock Complete”, to confirm that your iPhone 6 is unlocked.

You’ll also get a set of instructions on what you have to do next, like installing the latest version of iTunes. Follow them and you’ll be able to use your iPhone 6 with any SIM, anywhere in the world.

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