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How To Outsmart Criminals With Technology

Want to keep criminals away? Embracing modern technology could be the answer. There are many security gadgets out there that most people don’t realise exist – such technology could help you to catch criminals in the act or simply deter them. Here are just a few ways to outsmart criminals with technology.

Control your home security from your phone

A good burglar can pick a lock. By opting for a smart lock, you could make it harder for burglars to break in. Smart locks can only be opened via your phone and they can be locked or unlocked remotely.

Smart security cameras meanwhile can also be controlled using your phone. This could allow you to keep surveillance of the outside of your home whether you’re at home, at work or even abroad.

On top of this you could consider setting smart burglar alarms as provided by Yale. These will alert your phone when activated. Such technology could allow you to quickly detect a break in and react.

Use motion sensing security

There are also a number of motion sensing gadgets on the market which can be great security features. Motion sensing lighting is the most traditional form of this technology – this lighting could be placed outside your home where it will light up when motion is detected. This could help to deter burglars by making it harder for them to go undetected, plus it will save you energy compared to a permanent outdoor light.

On top of motion sensing lighting, you can also consider motion sensing CCTV from Reolink. This only records footage when motion is detected, similarly saving power and memory space used up by unnecessary footage.

Make use of facial recognition

Facial recognition technology can also serve many security purposes. It can be used as a password replacement on many modern phones, helping to prevent thieves who have stolen your phone from accessing your data. It can also be used by some banks as a way of accessing mobile banking without a password.

Meanwhile, if you own a business and need to check that clients are who they say they are, facial recognition technology could help you to match people against their records. The likes of Jumio’s identity verification service can help you to implement this technology into your business. Such technology is already starting to be used by clubs to check that those entering are over age as well as being used by airports to check travellers against their passports.

Track your valuables

You can also use your phone to track the location of your valuables. By placing trackers on items and linking them up with your phone you can them keep tabs on their location via GPS. These trackers could be placed on your car or on your computer so if these items are stolen you can follow the thief and find out where they’ve ended up. TrackR’s pixels are a good example of this technology and can easily slip onto various items as a keyring.

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