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Don’t Worry Because iPod Touch Doesn’t Come With a User’s Manual

When it comes to digital music player the iPod is definitely the most revolutionary, elegant and efficient gadget. Despite all the disadvantages we can find out in iPod and iPod Touch, the iPod release has been a historical event. The most remarkable and newest device is the iPod Touch which come with the latest features and capabilities of the traditional iPod but with look very similar to iPhone as well as with a multi-touch high quality screen. I have compiled some of the most important things you should know that must be included in a user’s manual.

Music controls: Sometimes we need bring music control pretty fast. When you quickly need to use music controls you just have to make double click on home button everywhere you are. No matter if you are in an application or even if the iPod is off. Pressing twice –double clicking— the home button you will bring the music controls very quickly.

Save energy option: Saving battery life is one of the most important aspects of every electronic device. In most cases, devices and gadgets come with diverse mechanisms that help to save energy. You can do that when you completely exit from an application. Pressing the home button and holding it during 5 seconds you will help you to save battery power.

Fast symbol input: That’s pretty easy. For those symbols that are not so common when you are writing with your iPod, you only have to press down the letters and you will get those characters you need to complement your writing.

Deleting email: Something that will help you to quickly delete emails is when you are in your mail box you only have to slide your fingers from left to right and immediately you will see the “delete” option.

Charging your iPod Touch through a USB port: There are people thinking they only can charge their iPod Touch using the original cable for this purpose. However, you can use any USB to make that possible.

Finishing a sentence: When we are writing sometimes we need that some common works can be automatically completed. For this purpose, when you are writing a word you only start writing the first letters and then you press twice the space bar and there you will see a selection of possible auto complete letters.

Controls for movies and videos: For those people that are interested in show a video in slow motion you can have it recorded in your iPod Touch and you just have to do the following. The first thing you have to do is when the video is playing you press combined the pause and forward button. Then, you will realize how your video will start moving in slow motion until automatically it will start playing normally.

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Mike Wilson, editor-in-chief of AppLecture. Is a sociable and well-wishing person who loves everything to do with Apple. He has the particular interest for the Steve Jobs personality, whose phenomena he tries to solve at his articles. He likes to enjoy his favorite music and movies in his free time, attends entertainments, to go in for sport and other pleasant little things. In private hands – MacBook, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
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