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Apple Real Money Games on Your Mobile and Smartwatch

It started out on our computers but now the internet has taken over mobile technology as well. Nowadays, mobile devices are the most popular and convenient ways to head online.

Anyone with a iPad, iPod, or iPhone knows how useful these nifty little gadgets can be. From chatting online with our friends to sending emails, reading books, watching books, and virtually everything in between. If we can dream it up, there’s a big possibility that our mobile phone can help us do it.

What makes this even more amazing is that mobile technology is constantly evolving. If you’ve been keeping up with this scene, then no doubt you’be heard about the smartwatch. This is especially great news for the online casino aficionado. Why’s that? It’s possible to use your Apple Watch to play online slots and other games for real money.

How Does This Work?

Although still rather new on the scene, smartwatches and other types of wearable technology have shown us some rather impressive abilities. Yet, they are still generally seen as a convenience accessory that’s tethered to a smartphone. The gaming industry hopes to change that and developers are currently creating apps that are specifically designed for these little devices.

The online casino industry is always on top of this type of thing so, as can be expected, they’re already finding ways to make use of this new technology and format. And, if the signs are right, we can expect to see plenty of our favorite games on our smartwatches in the very near future.

Right about now, you’re probably wondering what kinds of games could you actually play on such a small screen. But, when there’s a will, there’s a way. Game designers have been toying with this concept for years and have come up with a simply brilliant idea. The slot games on the Apple Watch have impressive graphics, true indeed, but they’ve taken simplistic design to another level. For instance, they only show fundamental information at any one time. For instance, when you are playing, you will only see the spin button and the reels on your screen. When interested in the paytable or other game info, all you have to do is swipe to an alternate screen.

Games for Your Apple Smartwatch

Because smatch watch gaming is still in its infancy, there are only a small percentage of games (compared to the ones on on our beloved smartphones) that are compatible with these devices. Thankfully, forward thinking gaming developer Microgaming is on the job. So, for anyone who wants to play real money games on their wrists, it’s recommended that they open up an account with an online casino that uses their software.

To make this even better, many of the best and most popular online casinos already use Microgaming software to power their games, an excellent example is Royal Vegas Online Casino. This casino is known for going the extra mile to please its customers. It’s for this reason that many of their games can be played on the preferred devices of the customer. So, matter your pleasure – whether a be a smartphone, tablet, PC, and now the smartwatch – you are sure to find a game on their site that has been optimized for each device.

One of Microgaming claims to fame is the large selection of games in their arsenal. So, when you visit a site with your Apple smartwatch or smartphone, there’s no shortage of real money games to play on the Royal Vegas iPhone casino app. At last count, the company has created well over 500 games (ranging from casino classics to popular sports and big budget movie themes) and all with seamless production and quality values that one would expect from an industry leader.

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