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[App Store] Manage Your Business Cards Smartly with WorldCard HD

In today’s business world, all business people want to keep in touch with their customers. But managing business cards that were collected from various customers or other parties is a tedious job. It is not an easy task to type the details of each contact in your iPhone or iPad. Moreover, business people do not like to spend their precious time typing these details. In order to help you manage your business card contacts effectively, WorldCard HD would be the best solution.

WorldCard HD is an iPad app developed by Penpower Technology Ltd. It is a business card scanning application with some extraordinary features to help you store your contacts easily.

WorldCard HD enables you to take a photo of your business card and store the details of it on your iPad. The main screen consists of a camera option through which you can capture the image of your business card. The prominent feature of this application is that, it is powered with the OCR (optical character recognition) technology that utilizes the iPad camera for accurate recognition of characters.

Once you have captured the image, you can choose the language the card is in (if it is in a language other than English). The recognize option reads the characters and inserts them in the appropriate fields of the contact folder. You can also scan multiple cards at a time through batch card recognition. This would save you a lot of time. Each business card is represented as a record with attributes such as name, address, company name and more.

There is also a signature function in the WorldCard HD to recognize email signatures and create a contact.

The integrated search box allows you to quickly locate contacts from the list. You have options to create your own contact group and organize it according to your needs. You can use the cardholder option to call, email or send text messages. The app also lets you import images from iPhone 4S/4/3GS Photo Stream and export contact details to your PC via iTunes File Sharing. It also helps you access Google Maps and some social networking sites with just a single tap.

WorldCard HD has an excellent user interface which makes the navigation smooth throughout the app. The app also lets users store pictures, in addition to the contact information, for each new entry. The good part is, it automatically enhances images to the best definition. The WorldCard HD app costs $14.99 and it is definitely a great one for business people.

WorldCard HD

WorldCard HD

WorldCard HD

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