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4 Essential Tips All iPad Users Must Follow

iPad’s are always finding their way into “top 10 tablets” lists year after year. Regardless of what model you have, there’s no denying you’ve got a brilliant piece of kit right out of the box. Having said that, you shouldn’t leave things as they are. Instead, you should follow these tips to help get more out of your iPad and make it the ultimate device.

Buy The Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter

Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing watching things on your iPad as the screens are usually fantastic. But, when you’re at home and want to get something from your iPad to the TV, it can be quite tricky. Unless you have Apple TV, it’s impossible to connect the iPad to a different screen. That is unless you buy the Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter. It’s far cheaper than Apple TV and means you can stream things from your iPad to your TV. I find this particularly useful when some streaming apps are on your device but not on your TV. It helps make your iPad part of your whole entertainment system at home.

Get A Wireless Keyboard

Typing on an iPad is very good when you’re using it for messages or to browse the internet. However, if you wanted to use your device for actual work, then it can be a bit difficult. So, why don’t you turn your iPad into a mini laptop by purchasing a wireless keyboard to use with it? The folks over at iThingum recommend using the proper Apple Wireless Keyboard – the one you use with desktop Macs. It’s very easy to type on, and small enough to fit in your backpack with your iPad. All in all, it compliments the iPad really well and helps you get a lot more out of it.

Purchase A Portable Charger

If there’s one thing you can criticize Apple for, it’s the battery in some of their products. Ironically, they have fantastic batteries in the Macbooks, but the iPhones and iPads don’t get the same treatment. A long train journey on your iPad can drain the battery, so you need to get a portable charger. My advice is to buy quite a large power bank that provides at least one or two full charges. Bring it with you, and you’ll never lose power when using your iPad. This just means you get to enjoy all its great features for a lot longer!

Download A File Lock App

This is a great tip for anyone that does a lot of work on their iPad or is maybe put off doing work because of security reasons. If you download a file lock app, you’ve got an app that can be password protected to lock others out. This means, if you have kids or younger siblings that use your iPad, they can’t see the files you put in that app. It makes your device more secure, and it can be used for work purposes more often.

It doesn’t matter which iPad you own, all of these tips remain relevant to you. I suggest you follow them as they will take your device to a new level.

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