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11 Must Have Health and Safety Apps

If you feel as if your health and safety system at work has gone a bit awry and could do with a bit of organisation it might be worthwhile checking out the variety of apps now available to help with this. The vast majority are completely free of charge and very easy to use. We have done the donkey work for you and tested many to see how they perform. The result of this testing is the following list of top 10 apps for health and safety.


This free app for iPads, iPhones and Android devices is still one of the most popular with safety professionals. The #1 app of its kind in Australia iAuditor makes creating audits a doddle whether from scratch, reusing old ones or working from a template. Using cloud technology you can share your audits with anyone who needs to see them in any other country and they can access them with their own unique safety code.

We Do Training

After years of training people in the world of marketing, SSSTS Training provider We Do Training has arrived in the app market. The new app provides questions around the field of SSSTS and SMSTS training and is a very nice addition.


A great little app that has won several awards and which gives users several choices of exercise they can do in the workplace. You can programme reminders to fit your exercises in which your daily routine and there are also a range of games and challenges to get people to stretch through their day.

Hazard Manager Solo

This free app for iPads and iPhones is essentially a workplace inspection app which allows the automation, configuration and then exportation of any hazard points which have been recorded on the floor plan of your work place. This is very simple to do via a jpeg image uploaded via i-Tunes and you can also integrate with Dropbox.


A free Android app which effectively calculates the blood alcohol level in your blood and tells you if you are safe to drive or not. The best part of this app, in our eyes, is that it stores all the info so you can build a comprehensive profile of your drinking habits. Most of us drink way more than we realise and chances are you will get a shock when you see the results.

Norton 360

Norton Mobile Security app is one of the best antivirus for mac devices. The app helps deliver powerful, effective protection for your devices and personal information against cyber threats and online scams.

StaySafe Business

This a great app that is free for Android, iPhone and Blackberry users. The aim is to keep track of solo workers in real time and enables them to check in letting you know they are safe after meetings, at the end of the day etc. When people haven’t checked in when they should have email and SMS alerts are triggered.

Iota Lone Worker

Similar to StaySafe Business but more aimed at lone workers who are working way in remote locations so you can check they are safe. Free for iPad and iPhone users, this app tracks movements and if they are still for too long it triggers an alarm for you to contact them.

Incident Report

This free app provides a much larger system when used in conjunction with the website to allow you to customise your checklists. There is also a central online management system in place so you only have to input any data once. Everything is synchronised and easily accessible by those who need to.

NIOSH Lifting Calculator

This is a nifty app and well worth the €2.99 it will cost iPad and iPhone users. Based on the esteemed NIOSH equation for lifting this app can be used on site to evaluate both existing lifting conditions and proposed ones. It actually determines the RWL, Recommended Weight Limit, of all specific tasks and jobs. It’s also great for helping you to prioritise hazardous jobs.

Go To Aid
This hugely popular app is suitable for both pets and people which has both a free version and one costing $4.99. A very easy to use app with a very clean layout, a clear overview of symptoms is there to assist you make a basic diagnosis as to which treatment route to take.

Chem Alert
Another app that has both a free version and one which costs, in this case $3.99, this app for Apple devices is part of a large and complex SMS, Safety Management System, giving access to more than 120,000 different chemicals. Data on key chemicals can be accessed instantly and regular updates ensure you always have the very latest info.

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