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WorldCard Mobile – a Must-have for Professionals

WorldCard Mobile – a Must-have for Professionals

While browsing through the App Store this week, I came across a new iPhone app that had me marveling about the extent to which our lives have become simpler with rapid advances in technology. My contemplation was triggered by a business card scanner and reader application called World Card Mobile. I was so impressed with my find that I thought of sharing my views about it here.

What It Is About:

WorldCard Mobile is a handy innovation that helps you do away with business card clutter. The app scans business cards and directly transfers contact details to your address book without the hassle of manually typing in information.

How It Works:

WorldCard Mobile works on OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology and offers excellent text recognition. It scans business cards and recognizes details like first and last names, names of companies, job titles, phone and fax numbers, e-mail, website and postal addresses and email signatures. It automatically sorts and saves this information in the corresponding fields of your iPhone address book.

All you need to do is place your business card on a flat surface and click a picture of it using your iPhone. Your card had been scanned and a contact has been added in a jiffy. Things can’t be quicker and easier, can they?

The Highlights:

The app has a card holder that lets you group contacts for better organization. You can decide on how you want your contacts to be displayed by choosing between cover flow view and list style view. New data can be effortlessly merged into existing contacts. While taking photos, the camera shake can be reduced and it is also possible to rotate the images when cards are scanned sideways. If you were to receive business cards with info in a different language, especially while traveling overseas, WorldCard Mobile can help you with its multiple language recognition.

If you have to capture data from many business cards, there is a convenient batch-scan mode that does the job. Card information can be exported to Excel, CSV and Gmail files. There is also an exciting auto-enhance function that ensures that your images are always of superior quality and there aren’t any recognition issues whatsoever. iPhone 4 users can use this app to go on with their card scanning even at night, using the camera flash.

This app is not to be missed, especially by those who receive business cards by the dozen. As intuitive and utilitarian apps like this one are rare, download WorldCard Mobile right away for $5.99 and get started with your business card scanning.

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Sung is a passionate blogger as well as a reviewer who loves reviewing iPhone and Android apps. He likes to stay tuned to grab updates on Smartphones and Tablet apart from blogging about mobile apps and tech products.
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