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Why is KiSSFLOW the Best Workflow Software?

There are many tasks that have been moved to the Cloud, and therefore it has been created an increasing need for an integrated workflow. KiSSFLOW has been launched at Google I/O, becoming the first integrated workflow service from the market. This workflow software allows Google Apps customers to define and manage workflows in a more efficient manner, and therefore it will be used by an increasing number of people.

For those who didn’t know, workflow used to traditionally involve a set of developers who were working with business managers in order to define the main rules and the roles. However, only those who really know how to work with workflow management know what to wish for, being aware of their needs. Therefore, they wish to manage the ever-changing logic in a simple and flexible way without having to change the code. Luckily, KiSSFLOW seems to address this situation very well, and therefore it should be taken into account when it comes to choose the best cloud business process management tool from the market. With this realization, it managed to control the business users who are actually able to define, manage and change the workflow, just as it has been requested. With this new migration towards Google Apps, it is no wonder that there are many businesses that believe that this process is actually a challenge of moving their existing workflows on Lotus Notes. Therefore, it is no wonder that KiSSFLOW has managed to stand out from this point of view. In this way Google Apps offers an interesting cloud based productivity software that should be taken into account, which actually includes mail, calendar, documents, and many other products especially designed for businesses. However, it does not offer a structured collaboration, which is actually required by many businesses. Therefore, without this process, there are many businesses that would run their workflow management on emails, being even more difficult to track, scale and report them. Luckily, KiSSFLOW has been built for this purpose of working exclusively with Google Apps, being actually easy to build and manage the workflows.

The creators of this workflow software have managed to make sure that the user experience is consistent with the main Google services such as Gmail or Google Docs. From this point of view, this actually gives an integrated feel that appears when one has to deal with the product. Therefore, those organizations who are using Google Docs may attach the documents as part of the workflow, being able to share them with other users who are using the same domain. As you can see, it is easy to realize that KiSSFLOW is actually ‘Workflow for Google Apps’. Knowing all this, it is no wonder that it is already very popular, being requested by an increasing number of companies.

This amazing software seems to be the future of many businesses, and therefore you should accord more attention to this software that may have the ability to ease your work at the office.

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