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Where are Smartphones Heading?

Since the development of first smartphones, the evolution towards bigger screen sizes is clear. We have come from small iPods to smartphones and eventually the tablets, which are in a way a substitute for laptops. With the trend of screen size of smartphones increasing, the right question to ask ourselves is what is going to happen next. On the other hand, Samsung is an example of company that developed a smartwatch which doesn’t serve only telling time and being used as a stylish accessory but is functional in a way even early smartphones were. Are smartphones going to die out and be replaced by smaller smartwatches for basic functionalities and bigger, yet let mobile tablets for other things we now you smartphones for?

First iPhones were small, heavier than the ones today and had less functionality. With iPhone 4 and 4S the processing power grew and with iPhone 5 the screen size increased. On the other hand, Samsung is going in the same direction by expanding screen sizes on their smartphones and developing products like Galaxy note. iPhone 6 is going to have the biggest screen size even in the history of iPhone. Where is all this heading – and more importantly if smartphone screen sizes keep growing, were do we draw a line between smartphones and tablets? Tablets offer more variable functionality due to their size. If for example you check out this website from Norway from a smartphone all the gambling and casino games offered by the website are hardly visible. On the other hand, if you use a tablet everything becomes as clear as day light and you have more space on your screen to visualize all the details and give you more insight.

On the other end of the spectra, smartwatches are not only cool gadgets to have, but they have a functionality connected with them. Do you remember the times when the primary reason for having a phone is to call someone? With smartphones, this is not any more the case. They are primarily used for mobile applications with wide array of functionalities, while calling someone is just a basic feature of smartphone. These basic features, like phoning or texting, can be included in smartwatches, eliminating the need for a smartphone for those functions. What is more, smartwatch is even more mobile than smartphone – you don’t have to have it in your pocket or be afraid you will scratch it or that it will fell on the ground – it is a part of your hand.

Tablets, on the other hand, offer an easier way of using mobile applications because of the bigger screen. However, they are not as portable as smartphones. But if we use gadgets like smartwatch for basic functions connected with smartphones than they are our get-go mobile devices and tablets are for times when we stop and want to use our apps to their fullest. The world of smartphones is changing – the question is will they stay dominant as till now or will they die off like dinosaurs facing the adversity combined use of smartwatches and tablets represent.

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Mike Wilson, editor-in-chief of AppLecture. Is a sociable and well-wishing person who loves everything to do with Apple. He has the particular interest for the Steve Jobs personality, whose phenomena he tries to solve at his articles. He likes to enjoy his favorite music and movies in his free time, attends entertainments, to go in for sport and other pleasant little things. In private hands - MacBook, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
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