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What’s New in Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview 3?

Mac OS X Lion

Apple introduced the next beta version of its new operating system, Mac OS X Lion. Finally normally working function Reading List and new wallpaper, as well as improved overall system stability were added in the new “lionet”.

Mac OS X Lion 2 What’s New in Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview 3?

Reading List is a new function of the standard browser for delayed reading got on/off function in the Safari settings and now the menu with a list of saved pages can be viewed by clicking the appropriate buttonin the bookmarks bar. So far Apple has not implemented the synchronization of saved web pages with its service MobileMe, but this functionality may appear immediately after the summer update of apple storage service, which has recently been rumors.

Mac OS X Lion 3 What’s New in Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview 3?

The new screen boot bought some items of iOS-style. Now user icon, clock, Wi-Fi signal and battery level indicator will be located on the gray desktop.

Mac OS X Lion 4 What’s New in Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview 3?

In the menu, Mission Control, which is a mixture of Expose, Dashboard and Spaces, there is a function of adding of desktops that will appear at the top of the screen. Between them, incidentally, running applications can be dragged.

Mac OS X Lion 5 What’s New in Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview 3?

The beta version of Mac OS X Lion added new wallpaper for desktop, including finally found a place and a picture with the king of all animals. You can download the new pictures in the new resolution 3200 x 2000 (remember the Retina-screens for the poppies?) by following this link. Despite the increased stability of Mac OS X Lion, we advise to wait for the official release, which will be held on June 6th and put finished and dot into shape system. It remains a little bit, hold on.

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