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What About the State-of-the-art MacBook Pro?

The new MacBook Pro is completely revamped for with a powerful processor and an excellent performance for a maximum experience in office and home. Additionally, there are new features and capabilities in the latest MacBook Pro. Prices of this amazing laptop are ranging from $1119 –for 13-inch— to $2400 –for 17-inch. Even though MacBook Pro is not as lightweight as MacBook Air, this new model is more portable and easier-to-handle. Without having to make an exhaustive review, I can tell you the most important aspects and features the new MacBook Pro is bringing to us. MacBook Pro is better in design, features, performance, software, environmental characteristics and technical specifications.

MacBook Pro processors: MacBook Pro with 15-inches and 17-inches will enjoy of a powerful and sophisticated Intel Inside processor which is the quad core Intel i7. It means that for those who have been working with the previous MacBook Pro models now, can experience the double of power and performance. This processor is able to give you up 200% in performance and this is something that will help you to make faster tasks and work with your projects more efficiently.

Thunderbolt technology in MacBook Pro: Everybody is now asking about the powerful Thunderbolt technology but this is something that let you connect any kind of high-resolution peripheral hardware such as Plasma TV, HD monitors. This is a new generation of ports that let you connect to your new MacBook Pro to all the advanced and sophisticated technologies that are part of this new era.

New graphic processor: One of the strongest aspects of MacBook Pro is its graphic processor which has been revamped with new capabilities to increase even more the quality of products. According to the official Apple’s website, the new graphic processor is 3x faster than any previous MacBook Pro models what tell you how convenient can be for you this new Apple’s release for your business and graphical design work. In addition, those CAD you can convert them to HD videos and this is an amazing feature that allows you manipulate with all kind of graphical issues.

Facetime with High-Resolution (HD): Apple has been astonishing people with this amazing and sophisticated feature. Now people are allowed to make things in the past they only dreamed and imagined. Additionally, Facetime with your MacBook Pro you are capable to make HD video calls and see perfectly the people you are talking with, through the use of an amazing quality. In other words, you can forget those instant messaging conversations you had before using a poor quality webcam where voice and images were distorted frequently. The Facetime is one of the most innovative and used features that more and more people are enjoying thanks to the new technology available for the new MacBook Pro.

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