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Visage Lab – a Portable Beauty Laboratory for Facial Photos

While browsing through the App Store, you can find plenty of photo editing apps. Though they allow editing photos with multiple tools, filters and effects, not many of them are able to retouch portraits. Welcome an app that lets you easily improve facial photos – Visage Lab.

Visage Lab is designed for both iPhone and iPad. It allows to remove pimples and wrinkles, outline the eyes and whiten the teeth in seconds with all operations made automatically. After installing Visage Lab on your device you will get a portable beauty laboratory, that will help you enhance your portrait photos any place, any time.

Visage Lab has several advantages over the alternatives, such as fully automatic face detection and enhancement and high quality retouch. While other photo editors usually perform only partial face retouching, Visage Lab offers a full-package approach to image enhancement. Another distinctive advantage is that makeup made with Visage Lab gives your portrait a natural look, so that you can never tell a photo has been edited.


Alongside with face retouching, you can apply one of 40+ classy effects to your portrait. Photo effects are divided into four categories: ‘Stylized’, ‘Background’, ‘Lighting’ and ‘Color’. Each category includes about 10 effects that can add more style and character to your photos. Let’s have a more detailed look at them:

  • ‘Stylized’ effects will prevent your photos from being boringly normal by giving them a touch of old times or adding more flair to them. For example you can convert your portrait into a black-and-white one, turn it into a last-century postcard or apply the famous Dave Hill effect.


  • Brighten up your photos and make them look really romantic and beautiful with “Background” effects. Just imagine that you can change the background scenery of your photo from summer to winter in one click!


  • ‘Lighting’ effects make it possible to add fantastic lighting effects to your photos. From now on you can make the night version of your favorite portrait in spite of the fact that it was taken in daylight. Or illuminate your photo with bright floodlights.


  • Changing color temperature and color balance of the image means a lot. By applying different color schemes you can make your image look retro-ish or bizarre, romantic or dramatic-looking. The ’Color‘ category also contains a few effects for the devotees of sepia.


Whether you are an expert or a newbie, Visage Lab will involve you in an exciting process of beautifying your photo portraits. It is only natural that you would want to compare the original photo with the enhanced one. For this aim we keep the original photo stuck to the bottom left corner. Once touched, it will appear instead of the edited photo. You can switch between the ‘before’ and ’after‘ versions to feel the difference.

Enhanced photos can be saved to Camera roll, instantly shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or sent via e-mail right from the app.

Along with the free version of this app, there are paid versions: Visage Lab PRO HD and Visage Lab PRO. The PRO versions are ad-free, contain more effects and filters and don’t watermark your photos. Besides, the PRO apps allow you to save results in high resolution.

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