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Use Instagram to Promote Your Business

Instagram is one of the hottest apps on Internet. You just simply can’t find a phone or tablet without it, and this is the main reason small business companies in all industries are trying to capitalize through its success and constant growth.

Maybe you don’t own a big and successful company, but who did in the very beginning? Thanks to the Internet, you have now more than enough marketing means to expand your business, and all of that for free.

What can you do to be noticed? No one can know for sure, but some things are more than clear. Here are five simple steps that you can easily follow to maximize the potential of your Instagram marketing.

1. Create a great looking profile

Don’t use photos that Instagram provides. This is a huge mistake. You want to be different, you want to be recognized, you want to be you. It is very important to use customized images and photos, those that have your logo, your logo’s or brand’s colors and branding on them. Be creative. This step won’t take much time, and it’s really important. That way all your followers and customers will know that your profile is trustworthy and legit. No customer ever should bring up the question to their mind whether that Instagram profile is yours or not. Also make sure that all of your customers know about your Instagram profile. Brag about it, add that new to your adds, posters, flyers, business cards.

This strategy doesn’t go just for Instagram, but for all social networks.

2. Plan the photos you’ll post to Instagram

You could have fun and post photos to Instagram randomly, but that is something that only personal profiles should do, and you need to set a line between your business and personal profile accounts. Posting photos to your business profile should only come with an intent to draw attention, drive traffic and increase engagement. Before posting a photo, you should think about whether it will suit the purpose, and by this I mean the photos that’ll make people get into discussions, which should lead to more traffic on your website and profile. Keep in mind that people don’t like to be spammed, so don’t post five photos at once. It is better to post a photo every few hours to get the best results.

3. Using Instagram badges is a must

Icons that allow your Instagram profile to be linked to your Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, etc., are called Instagram badges. Using these badges you’ll provide your customers more and more ways to keep in touch with you, and to interact with. People should know how to “find” you and how to find places where they can get more information about you, your products, your business, your services, etc.

4. Use Instagram as an interactive marketing mean

Reward your loyal customers who take pictures with your products. Post their photos as well. This is one of the cheapest and best marketing tools ever. Your customers will know that you appreciate their effort and their choice of product (your product, of course), and at the same time others will know and hear about you. You can also organize some kind of competitions, where your customers will be taking funny pictures of themselves with your products (or photos of a funny or creative use of your products) and hand over nice prizes to the lucky ones. The more often you organize these kind of competitions, the more often will people come in touch with you and your products, and which is important – more and more people are going to want to be a part of that. Alternatively, you can create posters out of their Instagram photos and use them as a marketing tool as well.

5. Use hashtags

If you want more people to find about you and your products, then you have to use hashtags. Search for the most searched hashtags that are related to your brand, product or company. Make sure you don’t use just any hashtags, because people have to see that you’re serious about your business and that you care about your professional image.

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