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Use Content Marketing As An Effective Promotion Tool

Whether you own a small beauty therapy clinic or operate a chain of nationwide clinics, content marketing should form the core element of your online marketing strategy. As a beauty therapist, you have a wealth of knowledge regarding several elements of beauty or body care. Therefore, you will have numerous items to share via the different mediums of online content. Content marketing can help a beauty therapist to show off their expertise and engage with potential customers. You know that helpful advice that you offer to clients in your clinic? Share that same advice with the world via content marketing. If you want to develop a following and increase brand awareness for your beauty clinic, content marketing can prove a really effective tool. There are several types of content that you, as a beauty therapist, can use to market your business.


As a beauty therapist, you have a vast array if video concepts to choose from. You could do videos with product reviews, make-up tutorials or demonstrating treatments that a customer can try at home. This type of content is of real value to the audience. If you give each video a different theme i.e. make-up in week one, facials in week 2, waxing in week 3 and manicures in week 4, it can help you emphasise the wide selection of treatments that you offer. You can host the videos for free on YouTube and then embed them on your blog or site from there.


As a beauty therapist, the scope for blog content is huge. Typical topics would surround product reviews, new treatments or products or celeb related beauty i.e. “The Different Skin Types of Popular Celebs”. A blog can provide an excellent source of fresh content for your website too, which is a key element of SEO. The great thing is that these days you can setup a blog in a matter of minutes. First, make sure you have a domain name, second look to find the hosting company that’s best suited for you. I’ve found the best analysis on F1WebChallenge such as this FatCow review or this IPower review.

White Papers

You can offer tips or tricks regarding particular beauty treatments as a free downloadable PDF to your website visitors. For example, you could offer a guide on “How to Ensure A Streak Free Fake Tan” which offers a step-by-step approach. If you wanted to benefit even further from offering the white papers, you could require that a visitor joins your mailing list in order to receive it. This can prove an effective means of building up your e-mail marketing database.


Good infographics are usually big hits for social sharing. Again, the scope for topics for infographics is huge for a beauty therapy clinic. The key element of infographics is that the information provided is done so via stats. You could do a simple infographic on “How to Shampoo & Condition Your Hair Correctly”. Facts presented could include “3 – The number of minutes you should leave conditioner to sit in your hair before washing out”, “3:1 – The ratio regarding the amounts of shampoo and conditioner that you should use”, “7 in 10 – The approximate number of people who use the wrong shampoo and conditioner for their hair type” and “5 – The ideal shampoo has a pH level of 5.

These are just 4 of several content types that you could use to effectively promote your business. Surveys, podcasts, commentaries and e-books could also be used – just use your imagination. You should try if possible to vary the type of content you product to ensure that you keep your audience intrigued and engaging.

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