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Two iPhone Apps That Help Me Manage Documents – Snap2PDF and Dropbox

If you are a business person, you are sure to be ‘on the go’, all the time. Laptops and notebooks are no more a comfortable option during travel, thanks to the iPhone, an extremely viable piece of hardware combined with sophisticated software that fits in to your pocket. Lately, I have been using two apps regularly. One is a new one, Snap2PDF, recommended by a friend and the other is the ever-famous Dropbox. In this article, I will show you how I make them work hand-in-hand to manage work documents.

First lets see the Snap2PDF iPhone app
This app is a good fit and one that you should look at if you find it really hard to manage documents. The app helps users import their documents virtually to their iPhones. For this, all the users need to do is take snaps of the document and let the app save them as PDFs. If they are worried about the safety or data storage, they can upload them to the cloud services such as Dropbox. The app comes with a a handy and top of the line OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature to extract and store text, so you do not have to worry about errors. I did a bit of a research and found that the company behind the app, Penpower Technology has been into OCR related research and products right from 1991, thats 20 years and this shouts out quality all over the place.


The app supports a wide range of languages from English and French to German and Swedish, in-fact its 21 languages in all. Users can add and edit details like names, description, category and keyword to search the stored PDF documents easily. Add-on features like Anti-shake technology, image rectification and Gamma correction are the additional advantages. By the way, to be honest, I actually don’t even know what Gamma correction stands for, if the developers are reading this, please make sure to add info about that in the comments. They seem to add to the clarity and eliminate the data recognition issues. I recommend this app to anyone who needs a similar application because it is simple and does the work. Snap2PDF, though relatively new, I am sure will be one to look out for in the near future.

Now lets have a look at Dropbox
Dropbox is not new, almost everyone I know of, uses it. This app could be a handy companion to Snap2PDF as I mentioned earlier. If you are note sure what Dropbox is, it allows users to upload and store all their photos, videos and other documents in it. So how do I use this with Snap2PDf, I just use it upload documents from Snap2PDF to Dropbox, so that I can access them from my PC or laptop, its that simple. Therefore, saving me loads of mega bytes of space in my iPhone. The app is available for free to download and thats just awesome, IMO.


You can download both the apps from the Apple iTunes store. Snap2PDF costs USD 3.99 and Dropbox can be downloaded for free.

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Sung is a passionate blogger as well as a reviewer who loves reviewing iPhone and Android apps. He likes to stay tuned to grab updates on Smartphones and Tablet apart from blogging about mobile apps and tech products.
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