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[App Store + HD] Transformers 3. Last Chance to Civilization

Transformers 3. Last Chance to Civilization

Category: Arcade
Developer/Publisher: Electronic Arts Nederland B.V.
Version: 1.0
iPhone Price: $2.99 [ iTunes link ]
iPad Price: $4.99 [ iTunes link ]

This summer, Hollywood magicians made a real holiday to moviegoers. The long-awaited sequels of several popular paintings came out on cinema screens – “Kung Fu Panda 2”, “Cars 2” and “Transformers 3:Dark Side of the Moon.” Toys based on these tapes appeared immediately in the App Store, which turned out to be advertising bait with something in a roundabout way looks like the game play. The company Electronic Arts distinguished itself, where the developers have successfully went through many years of war between the Autobots and Decepticons on small screens of iOS-gadgets.

Transformers 3. Last Chance to Civilization

Transformers 3. Last Chance to Civilization

Game Transformers 3 is expected to be the real action with lots of fights and lots of special effects. Here “Electronics” really surprised us – we see isometric arcade with a traditional top view. The action begins on the moon where you as powerful Optimus Prime must destroy all craters and beat into fits enemy robots. After several similar levels you will need to fight with an octopus-boss, which was lit in the main trailer for the film directed by Michael Bay.

Transformers 3. Last Chance to Civilization

The second Autobots, for which you can play, is the handsome Bumblebee. All the way you will follow the main character Sam, and protect his fragile body from the clutches from the grabby hands of Decepticons. It really refreshes the gameplay. It’s necessary to keep pace not only monitoring of the battery charge of your transformer, but also the health of the brave representative of humanity. If he dies Bumblebee will die too.

Transformers 3. Last Chance to Civilization

There are practically no complaints for the administration of virtually. On the left side there is a stick for a movement, from the right – an entire block for additional features. To the buttons of strike, a special reception, tumbling, and transformed into a car you will get used at the first level, then you will not even look on them. Upgraded system has gladdened, without which the toy would become a meaningless slaughter. You can’t pass the level in haste, will need to destroy all, and only then, thoroughly “have purchased” with new armor and weapons, with new powers to take up iron enemies. The mystery became only a system of replenishment of vital energy through trampling ground vehicles. Why would the Autobots, almost human friends, dismantle their cars, leaving behind a pile of metal?

Transformers 3. Last Chance to Civilization

We can judge the graphics by the main characters and numerous enemies. They are drawn with high quality and on Retina-screen delight the eye. The remaining elements of the levels are sometimes looking like the pixel mush, especially cars, scattered through the streets. Spoiled by the best games from the App Store at first gamer’s brain needs more color, better explosions and detailed objects, but eventually gets used, and switch their attention to more or less addictive gameplay.

Transformers 3. Last Chance to Civilization

Transformers 3 – is definitely an interesting toy, which is worth to be paid attention to. Not only the fans of a series of comic books, movies and cartoons about robots from another planet will like the arcade, but also fans of exciting arcade gameplay with a long and ever-increasing levels of complexity.

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