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Top Internet Security Tips For 2017

Every day, new threats are seeking to jeopardize your browsing on the Internet. The solution to keeping your system safe, in most cases, depends on you and the correct use of new technologies such as malware protection software and also following sound internet security practices.

To avoid threats attacking your system, and to ensure safe browsing on the web, there are several basic measures of computer security that can avoid problems while using the Internet. Putting them into action will ensure the privacy of your data and fostering a greater degree of digital trust.


They are the gateway to our e-mails, profiles in social networks and other online services that we use in our day to day activities online. Remember: Always use long passwords (minimum of eight characters) in which letters, numbers and special characters (_, &, -) are combined, and change them from time to time. Never use the same keys for different profiles and mail accounts.

2-Step Verification

Increasingly used by large email platforms, social networks or messaging services today. It consists of the use of a second security code, which is normally sent via SMS and increases the security of your data and personal information. Activating 2 step verification on your email, hosting and social network accounts is usually done with ease, by following instructions in your account.

WIFI networks

If you are going to use a public WIFI network (which you access in cafes, hotels or other places) it is better to avoid online purchases and access to services that require a password. Avoid any kind of personal data because it can be collected by outsiders and hackers.

Router Security

As with passwords, you should regularly change the access data to your router to prevent access from other people. The usernames and password keys are often left at the default factory settings and should be changed by users to avoid easy access.

Operating System Security

Any expert in computer security will confirm that it is an indispensable measure to avoid threats on the Internet. If your operating system software is not updated with the latest patches and fixes, you are leaving the door open to malware that is updated and renewed every day to infect your computer. Run updates daily and ensure your system is always up to date.


To dramatically improve internet safety and to avoid the threats that affect your computer security it is indispensable that you have a malware protection program and that it is always updated. Many free malware removal tools are available and others offer a trial download version for users to test.

Social Network Privacy

If you have a profile on any social network, take a few minutes to review the privacy options to decide what is visible and what is not. Keep in mind that many of these options are configured by default and that, especially in the case of minors, it is advisable to restrict them to the maximum.

Online Shopping

Events such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday show that we are increasingly buying more on the Internet, but doing so safely depends on that whenever you make an online purchase you do it through reliable platforms and follow these tips for a safe purchase in Internet.

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