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Top 5 Apps For Balloon Rides Enthusiasts

Soaring high above the sky and experiencing the wonders of the world has never been at its best, thanks to the thrill and magnificence only hot air balloon rides offer. Not only that, hot air balloon enthusiasts have another reason to celebrate as technology has found its way to reach us even if we are far above the earth. Through application for balloon rides, you would be able to feel optimum convenience and safety even in the least secured places on earth. Through these top 5 applications, you will be able to fly on a hot air balloon with confidence.

Weatherzone Plus
I think there is no need to ask why you need an application that could forecast weather conditions in your vicinity if you wish to ride a hot air balloon. Undeniably, weather is a significant factor that can highly affect your balloon ride experience. Through Weatherzone Plus, you will be able to anticipate rain patterns and temperatures for the next 2 days. This will be perfect if you are planning a hot air balloon ride anytime in the future. Other features of this app include lightning tracker, sunrise and sunset times, GPS, push notifications for BOM warnings and a whole lot more.

One application that has really helped me pick the best date for our Napa Valley Balloon Rides is Accuweather. Not only is it for free, but it also promises accuracy in terms of weather forecast. Aside from accuracy, this app has risen in popularity because it offers a wide range of services for people around the globe. These include storage for unlimited number of locations, portrait and landscape views and a lot more. Truly, this app is for keeps!

If you are an android user, this app is perfect for you. From the name of the app itself, it lets you measure altitude, time, speed, distance, and the movement of direction of the hot air balloon. You can also save data on your routes and instantly share it with your friends on Facebook and other social networking sites. Furthermore, it could help you measure the amount of elevation you gain from the hot air balloon. Quite convenient, isn’t it?

eGPS Altitude
Even if your GPS is turned off, eGPS Altitude will guarantee that it could work its magic on your android. With a lot of developments for the past few months, it promises users an accurate altitude and elevation reading. Not only that, this app also works by providing you a map where you could pinpoint your destination and your proximity to your house. Additionally, it gives you readings regarding speed, longtitude, latitude and heading.

Not only hot air balloon enthusiasts, but travellers around the globe can also relish on Dopplr, the ultimate app that can help you find other travellers and get advice on planning your whole balloon trip. With Dopplr at the touch of your fingertips, you are assured of a travelling experience like no other.

Security is always the first priority in any activity/travel experience. These apps offer you your much needed information during your hot air balloon trip and whether you like it or YOU LIKE IT, they are your gadget’s must-haves.

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