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Things to Do with Your Old Phones

Do you know that we’re creating over 19.000 tons of electronic waste every year? Over 50% of that electronic waste are actually smartphones; old smartphones that are thrown away by their owners. Throwing away old phones is never a good idea. Not only will you be polluting the environment, you will also be missing out on these next several cool things you can do with them.

Sell Them!
Thanks to top online services such as GoReCell, you can now recycle mobile phones or sell old phones without having any trouble. You start by asking for a quote or an estimate for the phone. If you are happy with the estimate, all you need to do is send the phone via the chosen courier service and you will receive your money almost right away.

Selling old phones can actually make you a lot of money. Old phones are then refurbished and resold to people who are looking for cheaper phones. Some of the older phones gathered are exported to other countries, mostly in Asia and Europe, to be reused.

Recycle Your Phones
Selling your old phones is just one way of not causing more damage to the environment. You can also choose to recycle your old phones. Similar to selling your phones, there are a lot of online electronic recycling services available. Some require you to pay for the recycling service, while others will take your phone for free; they will even pay for shipping.

The companies behind these recycling services will take your phones apart. The plastic parts of the phones are recycled back into raw plastic and used in the production of other goods. The electronic boards, on the other hand, are refined for its valuable metal. On average, a cell phone contains up to 3 grams of gold and many other valuable metal that the recycling companies can sell.

Give Them Away
Another thing you can do with your old phones is give them away. A good way of doing this is by donating the old phones to charity organizations, which in turn will give the phones away to those who need them.

Alternatively, you can also give the phones away to friends or family members to use. Passing on old phones to friends of relatives is not uncommon. Children who are looking to own their first phone will certainly appreciate you giving them one.

Before Passing Away Your Phone….
Before you sell, recycle or donate your phones, there are a few things you may want to do first. For starters, you would want to back up all of your personal information before letting the phone go. You should also do a complete wipe to erase any personal information the phone may have, particularly when you want to sell the phone for some cash or give it to someone you don’t know.

Last but not least, make sure all of the items that come with the phone – the charger, the box and manual book, etc. – are included as you let the phone go.

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