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The Very Best 5 CRM Apps for Business

Starting a new business is always extremely difficult. Countless variables to have in mind and tons of things that need your personal attendance are here in play. However, if you believe that this is ever going to get easier it won’t. A business endeavor of any kind can end up in one of two ways: failure or expansion. Failure is a trouble on its own but expansion (although great) also brings a whole new set of issues to deal with. One of these issues is that you will definitely need to think about Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and this is where a useful application can make all the difference.

  1. Pipedrive

Number one on this list goes to Pipedrive, one of the most available and user friendly CRM apps there are. It is incredibly easy to figure out, in fact so easy that even a layman could use it quite efficiently with nothing but intuition on his or hers side. With this app, a skilled manager can save a lot of resources by allowing his or hers team to focus on other tasks at hand. By visualizing and forecasting online sales, this app can make a huge difference. Of course if properly directed.

  1. Teamgate

When it comes to customer reviews and evaluation, Teamgate app is something truly outstanding. Created especially for smaller teams or individual use, this incredible CRM is extremely efficient source of information. Through it, a skilled salesman can get all the necessary info, relevant reports and insights needed in order to successfully manage the business. However, this app is not only made for sales veterans out there. Because of its simple graphic interface and regularity of its advices, it could also be a great educational tool for anyone new in this business.

  1. SupportCenter Plus

As far as the pace of response goes, SupportCenter Plus is probably second to none. Not only does this great application help make bond between you and your customer stronger but also help you get an adequate feedback in time. Nothing helps you improve your CRM better than being able to actively listen to your clients and customers. With this app notions of, customer interaction service or even customer self-service can be taken to a next level.

  1. Highrise

Highrise app helps you track contacts and communication leaving both you and your team well informed. Since knowledge is power, every piece of information helps. This alone is more than sufficient reason for a business to resort to Highrise. Although this application is always a welcome addition, the greatest problem is its price. However, you can always look for software coupons that will help you lower the cost of app and allow you to take your business to the next level.

  1. Bluwave CRM

Although this CRM app is not as famous as its aforementioned counterparts, when it comes to features, it is in no way inferior to them. There is a multitude of old features like activity and diary management, quotes automation and opportunity tracking, but they are all presented in a brand new way. Contacts and document management are quite simple and easy get used to. All in all, a great addition to your business any way you look at it.

Even though the bigger your business is more desperately it needs assistance, even the smallest startup can benefit from any of these apps. However, before you make up your mind for the right one, do your homework properly and make sure that this particular app has all that your job may need.

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