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The Top Mistakes Web Design Companies Keep on Making

The large number of websites that are available online can mislead many into thinking designing a website an easy job. However, for a website to be effective and reach its intended target, it must be designed well to allow them to get the information they need from it. It is therefore important to have the web design done by professional designers to ensure that it meets the required standards. There are a number of companies that provide design services for those looking to create and develop a website, but not all of them provide satisfactory work that will add value to the business.

When choosing a web design company to work on your website, it is important to work with one that is reputable and also ultra-professional. Although most web design companies strive to deliver quality work, there are some mistakes that are common among their designs that can cost a business loss of revenue or customers. These mistakes are quite varied but there are some that are familiar and should be avoided at all costs.

Common mistakes made by web design companies

Poor navigation
Most online users looking for information want to find what they are looking for as soon as possible and rarely appreciate delays on a website. If visitors to the site have a hard time moving from one page to another or have to go back to a number of pages to get to the homepage, they are likely to move to another website. Therefore, it is important to have navigation features on each page, either at the top or side to help guide visitors as they move from one part of the site to another.

Broken links
Hyperlinks that lead to blank or error pages irritate most online users when on a site and may result in them looking for information on other sites. Whenever a link is broken it should be repaired within the shortest time possible to give the site credibility. In many cases, a website that has a lot of broken links will likely lose many of its regular visitors because of the non-working links and may gain a bad reputation among online users as well.

Inconsistent colors and font styles
Web development relies a lot on first impressions, as most visitors are likely to stay and surf through a professionally designed website that has an appealing appearance. Therefore, it is important that a website present a unified and consistent look in terms of colors and fonts used. Also, designers should ensure that the fonts as well as colors look good on other devices beyond the desktop computer.

No link to social media sites
Social media is an important aspect of online marketing and should not be ignored as part of the overall webs design. The design company can incorporate social media by providing links or using graphics that represent the various networking sites. In addition, the link between the site and social media page should be seamless to allow users to access the site easily thus increasing traffic.

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