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The iPhone 7 Is The Best iPhone Ever And Here Are The Reasons Why

iPhone 7

Apple Inc. launched its much awaited iPhone 7 recently and with it came the media scrutiny that Apple is now used to. Many tech pundits are delighted that the iPhone 7 is the best iPhone ever, while others are not too chuffed. Let’s take a closer look at the hits and misses that Apple’s latest flagship managed to score.

At the iPhone 7 launch event, Apple made it loud and clear that this is the best iPhone ever. Well that is true. For starters, the iPhone 7 comes with an A10 Fusion chip. That is no ordinary chip. It is 40% faster than Apple’s A9 chip, which is itself the best per-core performer than any other smartphone chip on the market. So in effect the A10 Fusion is 40% better than the best smartphone processor currently available.

The iPhone 7 and its bigger cousin iPhone 7 Plus are water and dust resistant. Several Android smartphone brands have already achieved this a while back but let’s not forget that Apple has a strong reality distortion field, as Steve Jobs would put it, around its products.

Apple is not arguing that this is the first or best phone to come with water and dust resistance technology. Apple is simply stating that this is the first iPhone to do so. If brand Apple means something to you then this new improvement means the world to you. For everyone else, there’s Android.

One of the most contentious things Apple has done with the iPhone 7 is killing the headphone jack on the iPhone series. This has put off even a few Apple loyalists. But once again Apple’s arguments are entirely different to those that are mainstream. Apple doesn’t see the headphone jack as a worthy feature on its product so it has introduced an all new way to listen to music on the iPhone – AirPods.

AirPods are indeed glorified versions of the already existing wireless earbuds that many brands are offering but the reason they are going to be more influential than some others is quite simply the fact that they are part of the Apple ecosystem. That’s what building a remarkable brand does to your products. You can compel millions of loyalists to buy earbuds worth $159 to listen to music on a product that already costs $849. Only brand Apple can make that happen and Apple Inc. surely trusts its brand to do so because if it didn’t it wouldn’t have decided to ditch the headphone jack and in the process upset so many fans.

The iPhone 7 has an improved battery life. The battery on this phone will last 2 hours longer than the battery on the iPhone 6S. This is one improvement iPhone fans would be chuffed about.

Apple has also done away with the physical Home button. Another feature that many will argue is not new. Well, it is new to the iPhone and Apple wants you to recognize that.

The iPhone 7 comes with iOS 10. Apple’s latest mobile OS will be available for download from 13 September. The major improvements to Apple’s mobile OS include a much smarter Siri, a further improved Apple Music, and a far more improved HomeKit to control a wide array of smart devices in your home.

At the event Apple also announced that Apple Music has crossed 17 million paid subscribers alongwith some staggering AppStore stats. The AppStore now has over 140 billion downloads. It made 2X times more global revenue than its closest competitor, and it is growing 106% Year-over-Year.

Apple may not have disrupted the market this year but it sure has set new benchmarks and in the long run that is what brand Apple is known for. However, the next financial quarter results will reveal whether the iPhone 7 succeeded like its predecessors or whether Apple skeptics are right about iPhone sales predictions for once.

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