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The Best Mac Data Recovery – Wondershare Data Recovery

Losing important data to corruption is always very frustrating and annoying but unfortunately due to both avoidable as well as unavoidable circumstances, we keep on losing data accidentally. While this can be a really unwanted experience, the best course of action is to do something about it. We live in a technologically advanced world where every problem comes with a solution. The issue of loss of data also comes with an easy fix that enables us to recover deleted files from mac trash bin. There are several different data recovery software applications available in the market that might be used for this purpose but if you are looking for the best among the others, it is highly recommended to check out the Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac.

Wondershare data recovery for mac allows you to get a hold of your data files that you might have lost accidentally or even on purpose. It comes with a number of high end features that make it much better in comparison to any other data recovery software available in the market. A few of the most prominent and notable features offered by this software are listed below in order to give you an overview:

  • Offers file recovery for data having more than 550 different formats.
  • Offers quick, safe and complete recovery of data
  • Offers three different modes of operation in order to help you in recovering files that might have been lost under different scenarios
  • Offers recovery of data from recycle bin, cam coders, digital camera, flash drive, memory card, hard drive, etc.
  • Offers a preview of the recoverable content present in the files in order to help you see if you have got data you were looking for
  • Offers compatibility for different versions of Mac OS X

How to recover deleted files from mac trash bin

Wondershare data recovery for mac is a high end software application that allows you to recover deleted files from mac trash bin in a very easy and convenient way. Unlike the majority of other similar software applications available in the market, this data recovery application offers a much higher degree of control to allow the recovery of data lost in any possible way. If you are looking to carry out mac data recovery using this tool, all you need to do is to follow the series of some very simple steps that are listed below.

Step 1: Download and install the Wondershare data recovery software

First of all, you need to download and install the Wondershare data recovery software into your computer. It can be easily available for download on the official website of wondershare. You can either go for the free version or the paid version to get the full access to all the high end features offered by the program. Once you have successfully downloaded and installed the tool into your computer, move on to the next step.

Step 2: Launch the application

After installing the program in to your computer, first of all you need to launch it in order to initiate the process of recovering your files from mac trash bin. It is recommended to open up the program with administrator privileges to give it the full control of access.

Step 3: Initiate the process

When you have successfully launched the program, you will see a list of different options on the home screen of the program. You need to select the option that says ‘Lost files recovery’. This option allows you the facility of recovering your important data files that you might have deleted by pressing the command & delete keys or the files that you might have deleted from your trash bin as well. So regardless of the reason behind your files’ deletion, select this option.

Step 4: Select the path that contained lost files

Now you need to choose the path where you believe that the deleted files were present before getting deleted. You also need to decide if you are interested in enabling the deep scan option or not. After specifying the right path, you also need to pick out the type of files that are supposed to be recovered at the end of the process. There are several different options that might be selected in this regard. These include photos, archives, documents, videos, audios, miscellaneous and other files of different kinds. In case you have plugged in a data storage device to your computer, you need to press the refresh button if they are not showing in the list of available drives. In addition to that, you also need to choose if you want to carry out a deep scan or just the usual one. In case you have lost your data a long time ago, you might want to stick to the deep scan option. Otherwise if you have lost them recently, you can stick with the normal option for data recovery.

Step 5: Start the scan process

After selecting the right path that supposedly contained the deleted files, hit the scan button in order to start the process of searching the lost files.

Step 6: Go through the preview of recoverable data

After initiating the process of data recovery, you will see a preview containing all the recoverable content present in the files you are planning on recovering. You can go through the preview in order to make sure if you have got the right files or not.

Step 7: Hit the ‘Recover’ button

After you have gone through the previews, you need to hit the recover button in order to complete the recovery process. Specify a location on your computer where you want to place the newly recovered files.


There are different data recovery software applications available in the market but if you are interested in making the most out of the experience, you need to check out the wondr share data recovery for mac.

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