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The Best Accessories for Your New iPhone

Apple sells a number of cool and very attractive iPhones and iPad models as well as loads of accessories. However, after splashing out on the latest gadgets not everyone will have the funds for Apple’s own and often expensive accessories, such as the Air pods, which while unmistakably apple and surely sublime also carry a hefty price tag.

That’s why we have collected a few alternatives, at more wallet-friendly prices, so you can enjoy the full functionality of your Apple gadgets without the full expense.

Extra Storage

One of the biggest complaints we hear about Apple products is the lack of external storage options. Sure the lack of expandable memory slots enables them to make a thinner and more aesthetically pleasing device but it also limits how much data we can put on the devices. Well rather than opting for the largest memory versions or signing up to cloud-based storage, a third and an often cheaper alternative is available.  With a mini memory pen, you can add up to 128GB of storage to almost any device including Apple iPhones and iPads. These Flash drives use a hybrid USB port and can be used with most OTG supported devices such as the iPhone, Galaxy Note and a range of tablet PCs.  This means you can quickly backup, share and transfer your data between different devices even when there’s no network or Wi-Fi connectivity.

Affordable Earphones

With The latest Apple iPhone release not having a headphone jack, many users will be on the hunt for a new set of earphones. Despite Apples Airpods the market if full of competitively priced Bluetooth headphones that will easily work with your iPhone or iPad. These sort of headphones start at just a tenth of the price of Apples main solution to the headphone socket removal and vary in price and sound quality depending on how much you’re willing to pay. Shop around and we’re sure you can find a superb set of Bluetooth earphones to use for that new handset.

Smartphone VR Glasses

Virtual reality is all the rage these days and for good reason, according to Statista.com the worldwide VR hardware and software market is predicted to reach $12 Billion US, and by 2020 will surpass $40 billion US. It’s no wonder there is so much activity in this relatively new market. With a powerful handset like the iPhone, there’s no need to pay for an expensive VR headset to get a taste of VR game and experience some immersive apps. With a pair of Smartphone VR Glasses, you can delve into the world of virtual reality for under $20. There is an ever growing range of 3D films and apps to enjoy so this is the ideal accessory to pass a few hours enjoying that retina screen.

Mini DLP Projector

Ideally suited to movie lovers, frequent travelers or office presentations the mini DLP projector can really boost the potential of you iPhone.  Offering a large 60-inch screen this compact projector cradles your phone and turns it into a portable movie theater. It can easily be used with any HDMI media player and an Apple digital AV adapter is all you need to unleash the big screen potential of your iPhone or iPad allowing you to enjoy feature length films, some big screen gaming or pout on the perfect presentation wherever you may be.

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