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The Apple iPhone Industry

A decade ago, the world was presented with a marvelous technological brand that saw people line-up in Apple company stores to purchase the iPhone. It was like hallows eve with enthusiasts camping out the stores, with folded chairs, umbrellas, and sleeping bags. Apple staff were also generous to offer bottles of water to their faithful customers.

Everyone couldn’t wait to get their hands on the iPhone, some were doing it for publicity, while others just wanted to guarantee satisfaction of owning a brand new Apple smartphone, the iPhone. Since Apple specialized in manufacturing, it was no doubt that this product would hype up the stage and live up to its name, and it clearly has, selling over a billion devices over the next decade and changing the face of technology forever with an AI assistant.

The Growth of Apple Industry

Since that day of the launch of the first iPhone, Apple has made the smartphone it’s most iconic, reliable and popular brand, raking in billions in profit from their sales. The iPhone industry has indeed changed, looking back, the first iPhone had many limitations; it was expensive, had low memory and only worked on a specific network and moreover, there was no App Store. However, these have been countered with Apple releasing a new device every year and introducing new features to match the technological advancements. From the processor chip to the camera les resolution. Comparing the latest iPhone to the first model clearly outlines the radical improvements.

The company now sells twice as many products and there is a growing number of Apple subscribers.

Halo Effect on other Apple Products

The successful launch of the iPhone product has catapulted the creation and launch of other Apple products and industries, for instance, the iPad that followed a year later in 2008 and has evolved in a similar fashion over the years like the iPhone. Moreover, software and app developers have built careers from the iPhone and iPad products.

It truly is a remarkable feat that in a mere decade, the new iPhone product in the market disrupted the various industries it has had its roots dug into; the telecom industry, the television industry, the music industry as well as the video industry. The computer and communications industries as well have not been spared the miasma. Who’s to say what will happen in the next decade? Nobody knows.

Stiff Competition

Not everything has fallen into Apple’s favor since its launch. In fact, it created a platform for ingenuity and about a year or so after iPhone’s launch, Google saw fit to introduce a competitor in the market, the Google Android smartphone operating system. It hails as the primary competitor for the Apple iOS and accounts for over 84% of the market presently.

Despite the stiff competition, Apple still enjoys a huge following and more people are anticipating on Apple’s next technological marvel, they are practically restless.

Apple’s strength is its ability to refine and repackage existing features and market them as brand new. The next thing Apple could release may as well be augmented reality and voice interfaces since it the present trend in technology.

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Milana Rose, AppLecture news editor. Kind, sympathetic and very inquisitive person, who loves to help people with the "computer", and not only those challenges sufficiently due to her knowledge. Hobbies - Apple products, drawing, dancing, swimming, a healthy lifestyle. In a private use - MacBook Air, iPad 2, iPhone 4, iPod Nano 5, iPod touch, Mac Mini.
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