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Taking Your Macbook Abroad in This Summer

Whether you are heading for a two-week holiday in the sun or a wild and adventurous trip that for the next few months, you always want to be able to preserve and capture those memories in the best way that you can. Providing you are not planning on travelling incredibly light, taking a Macbook with you could actually be a really great way to do this. If you are planning on blogging, making videos or if your trip is a work-based vacation, the convenience of having your trusty Macbook with you will make life much easier.

Travel Blogs and Social Media

Macbooks have great cameras in them and can record video. You can also use things such as Skype to talk face-to-face in video chats with anyone in the world, as well as fast internet browsing when you can find a Wi-Fi hot-spot. All of this means that you can easily communicate with your friends, upload photos, record and transmit video and update all of your social-media sites with your laptop. Forget carrying around a smart-phone, a camera, a notepad and an address book and just stick with the laptop that you already have.

Working Abroad

If your job entails travelling around the world and working in other countries, a Macbook is also a perfect companion for that too. You can create and organise all your paperwork, use the hard-drive space for storing files, folders or any other information you need to collect and all of this information can be backed up and then emailed home for safe-keeping. It’s tempting to buy a cheap laptop just for travelling abroad, but really as long as you have travel insurance andare careful with where you try to work, it’s far faster and more convenient to just use the Macbook that you already know like the back of your hand.

Select the Best Option

There are a few different types of Macbook that are aimed at ever so slightly different markets. It you are looking to film lots of HD video or work with still pictures that you want to edit while working abroad, then a Macbook Pro is probably the best bet. If, however, you want to travel as light as possible, then the lightweight and sleek Macbook Air might be the better choice. Both of these models are around the same price so you could always trade up and sell Macbook Pro models and replace them with the Mac Air alternative if it better suits your needs.

Not every trip requires the use of a computer, but if your trip does then make sure you use the best available. Being a victim of crime during your vacation is always a slim possibility so just make sure that you are insured against theft or damage while abroad. You can even download programs that can track your laptop, should it be stolen. Some of these programs take a snapshot of the thief when he opens the laptop and emails it to you. But you don’t really need to worry about all that. Just be sensible and take care with your luggage and you’ll probably have no problems.

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