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Is It Still Worth It to Purchase the iPhone 5?

The 2012 flagship iPhone 5 is no longer sold by Apple. However, third-party retailers keep selling it as a cheaper alternative to the iPhone 6, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. With holiday shopping at its peak, many consumers are taking […]

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iPhone SJ

iPhone SJ: The Concept of the Sixth Generation of the Apple’s Smartphone

The trimestrial remoteness hots about the iPhone 5 were ended with a slight disappointment for dedicated fans of Apple and with fume among those who waited for ...

iPhone 4S

The Final Report on the iPhone 4S and Voice Assistant Siri Presentation

Long before the presentation of iPhone 4S in front of the hall there were gathered a numerous amount of journalists who discussed the possibility of the Apple brilliant ...

Apple Sent Out the Invitations to the iPhone 5 Presentation

Apple Sent Out the Invitations to the iPhone 5 Presentation

According to the icon Google Map, the information that the iPhone 5 presentation will be held in Cupertino, is correct. The number 280 represents the address of the ...

Pre-Order the iPhone 5 at Best Buy

Pre-Order the iPhone 5 at Best Buy

The beginning of September was marked by the official presentation of the fifth model of iPhone. We waited for the first day, was hoping to the seventh ... ...

Double LED-Flash in the New iPhone 5

Double LED-Flash in the New iPhone 5

The summer period is traditionally the most hot for iPhone users. And it's not just the weather. Wheted by information from all kinds of insiders, "reliable" sources, the ...

Apple Can «Curve» iPhone 5

Apple Can «Curve» iPhone 5

Apple is keen on curved shapes. No cubism and sharp edges, only smooth lines, smooth transitions. But the design of the iPhone 4 is proved to be quite ...

iPhone 5 Wannabe

The Chinese Released Their iPhone 5

After the story with found in bar prototype of iPhone 4 Apple at first increased overall security measures at its plants in China, and then entirely reschedule the ...

iPhone 6 Concept

Top 10 Future Concepts of iPhone 6

While many of us are just dreaming about iPhone 4, released not long ago, and speculating about iPhone 5 before its debut expected in June 2011, designers ...


Sony Made Slip About the Camera in iPhone 5

Usually, behind the heads of major corporations there is a small army of speech writers, PR-managers, and image-makers which day and night to select necessary words, and literally ...

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