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All posts tagged iOS

Review SAYE – Personal Finance and Budget Planner for iOS

The primary reason for financial problems in life is not because of low earnings. The reason is lack of self-discipline, self-mastery, and self-control and the inability to delay gratification. It is the tendency for people to spend everything they earn […]

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Android vs iOS: Highlighting Some Major User Differences

With Android and iPhone being two of the majorly used mobile operating platforms, it is interesting to note that the coming years will witness app developers investing their ...

iOS 7

The Future of iOS – What will the iOS 7 Look Like

The iOS 6 was released in 2012 with a lot of fanfare; there were some hits and some misses, which is usually the case with anything new and ...

iOS Development as a Lottery: 59% Don’t Cover the Expenses

Some success stories are known to everybody. They tell us about one loner-developer who creates an application for iPhone or iPad, after that it becomes a hit and ...

Jailbreak iOS 5

Video of Detached Jailbreak iOS 5

We are happy with the fact that, with each new broaching, the part of Apple products’ users invariably transfers to «light side of the power», where it remains ...

Apple's Share on the Operating System Market and Among Smart Phone Manufacturers

Apple’s Share on the Operating System Market and Among Smart Phone Manufacturers

Android OS occupies almost 43% of the market, while iOS only 28% - the most favorite phrase in an attempt to prove the superiority of the Google operating ...

Developer’s Revenues. It is More Profitable to Work with Apple

Developer’s Revenues. It is More Profitable to Work with Apple

There were many disputes about what and who is awesomer than the other one: Apple or Google, iOS or Android, and they always have positive and negative aspects, ...

iPhone 4S

The Final Report on the iPhone 4S and Voice Assistant Siri Presentation

Long before the presentation of iPhone 4S in front of the hall there were gathered a numerous amount of journalists who discussed the possibility of the Apple brilliant ...

Apple Will Launch Digital Television In 2012

Apple Will Launch Digital Television in 2012

Apple is actively working on its own digital TV service on the basis of the operating system iOS. An edition VentureBeat informs about this with the reference to a ...


Web Application Twitter Updates Its Layout for iOS Users

Somebody uses official application Twitter, somebody chooses programs from off-site developers, and somebody is just reluctant to install additional software. It’s an advantage that mobile version of Twitter ...

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