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Top 10 Apps with Best Graphic Designs

With a lot of apps being released these days, designers should really generate apps that are prominent. Mobile applications are even changing the manner people design anything these days. Graphic designers of mobile apps are moving forward to higher resolution […]

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iPhone SJ

iPhone SJ: The Concept of the Sixth Generation of the Apple’s Smartphone

The trimestrial remoteness hots about the iPhone 5 were ended with a slight disappointment for dedicated fans of Apple and with fume among those who waited for ...

Three Inspiring Quotes by Steve Jobs That Should be Placed on Your Desktop

Three Inspiring Quotes by Steve Jobs That Should be Placed on Your Desktop

Recently, the world has learned about the death of one of the most famous and respected people of our planet. Steve Jobs has brought personal computers to our ...

iPhone 4S

The Final Report on the iPhone 4S and Voice Assistant Siri Presentation

Long before the presentation of iPhone 4S in front of the hall there were gathered a numerous amount of journalists who discussed the possibility of the Apple brilliant ...

Pen for iPad in the Form of Old-timey Cursor

Pen for iPad in the Form of Old-timey Cursor

With the word “pen” the image of the stick appears in the brain, with which you have to poke around on the touch-sensitive device screen. For some people ...

iPhone 6 Concept

Top 10 Future Concepts of iPhone 6

While many of us are just dreaming about iPhone 4, released not long ago, and speculating about iPhone 5 before its debut expected in June 2011, designers ...

Hypermac Micro

Overview of External USB-Batteries Hypermac Micro

Sometimes situations happen, when during a trip not only iPhone needs to be recharged, but also your iPad, your wife’s iPod, your son’s e-book, father’s e-cigarettes and other ...

iPhone 5

iPhone 5: All of the Assumptions in One Place

While iPad 2 is stomping across the planet with confident steps, Apple is working on a new gadget. By tradition the heads of the departments of "fruit" corporation ...


iOS 5 Can Be Represented In The Middle Of April

Company from California is preparing one more surprise for us. At the last conference, where iPad 2 was demonstrated for the first time, Steve Jobs did not mention ...

iPad 2 In Blender

iPad 2 In Blender

Many of us were waiting for it more than for the first overviews, release date, photos and surely all the more as for anyhow analytics concerning the new ...

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