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Stand Out From the Crowd: Individualize Your iGadgets

You could be accused of following the crowd when you’re queuing up for the latest Apple gadget. It’s been the market leader for tech for many years now, so no wonder we all flock to the shops to scoop up the latest release without thinking twice.  With billions of iPhones and Apple gadgets circulating, you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Take your prized possessions to the next level with some of these unique ways to personalise your products.

For a permanent touch of personalisation you could commit to engraving your iPod. This is a sure-fire way to put a stamp on your gadget and make it completely one of a kind. Apple actually offers this service free of charge when you purchase the product from one of their online stores. It’s a good way to give a special touch to a gift as well. You might want to take some time to consider the words on your engraving though. It will last forever, so try to steer clear of embarrassing nicknames or short-lived mottos. Also keep in mind that it will decrease the value of your product considerably. Years down the line you might wish to sell your iPod and upgrade to the latest model. Unless someone is keen to have the same engraving as you it’s unlikely it will sell very quickly.

If you’re not ready to commit to such a long-term individualization, you could invest in an interchangeable coloured skin or casing for your laptop. A skin acts differently to a laptop sleeve or carrier as it essentially blends in with the outer casing of your laptop. You’ll be the envy of all of your colleagues if you start bringing a limited edition lime green MacBook Pro into work. You can buy skins and snap on cases in several patterns and quirky colours and they just slip right onto your computer like an outer shell. The laptop skin not only protects your device from scratches and dents, but it also acts as a swanky accessory which you can change as often as you like depending on your mood.

The latest Apple trend is undoubtedly the Apple Watch. More and more people seem to be following the latest fashion when it comes to this wrist wear. You don’t want to look the same as everybody else though. One distinct feature of the new watch is the option to change the wrist strap infinitely, such as an Apple watch leather band. The sophistication of the watch will soar through the roof with a simple but elegant strap upgrade. You will also have the freedom to adapt your strap to match each occasion. Dress it up for an evening out or make it casual for a trip to the park.

While there are arrays of different phone cases which can add a personal touch to your mobile, there are also tonnes of awesome iPhone accessories. These will keep your phone current and up to date and many aren’t just for aesthetics either. Some accessories can come in really handy, from wireless headphones to portable charging cases. Have a browse when you get a chance and start standing out from the crowd today.

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