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Spotlight on the Apple Watch

Apple has an annoying habit of inventing something that you didn’t even know you needed. When they introduced their plans for the iPad, people spent too long laughing at the new name to realise that Apple had once again introduced something which would soon become a staple for our lives. Will that be the same for the Apple Watch? After being dispatched to shops on 24th April, it is still a bit too early to tell if consumers will take the Apple Watch into their hearts as they have done with other Apple products. Since being announced alongside the iPhone 6, people have been buzzing about what the Apple Watch could do. Here’s a spotlight on the watch that has had people talking since day one:

Unlike any other watch you’ve seen before
Despite not being the first smart watch to be launched on to the market, industry experts expect that the Apple Watch will supersede all others like it. If you take a look at the numbers that have been sold already you can see that they may be on to something. With over 1 million units being pre-ordered on day one, in comparison to a measly 720,000 Android Wear devices being sold in a year, it is clear that the Apple Watch is incredibly popular already. If you want to have a more up close look at the Apple Watch to have a better idea of what it is capable of, there are a number of YouTube video guides available with demonstrations.

Sync your favourite games and apps
In typical Apple fashion, this watch does not just tell the time. It is equipped to let you read your emails, receive calls, check your Facebook and Twitter feeds as well as checking your heart rate! The screen of the watch is pressure sensitive, and it is capable of being synced with iPhones 5+ to allow you to stay connected on the go without needing to carry your phone everywhere. With industry leaders like Slotocash leading the way in producing mobile games, it will be interesting to see if people prefer playing on their watch, phone or iPad!

Is it worth the money?
However, all of this advanced technology does not come cheap. With prices ranging from £299 to £13,500 for the 18-karat gold editions, the Apple Watch will no doubt be worn by the affluent stars of stage and screen, but will it be sought after by ordinary consumers too? Only time will tell with this one, but with Apple requiring potential clients to book appointments to test out the watch it seems as if this will be a luxury purchase.

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