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Signature – Protect Your Information with a Signature

Do you have a collection of photos, texts and notes on your smartphone? Are you looking for ways to keep them safe, away from people who like to snoop around? Your phone offers many options to protect your personal data. But are those options good enough? Are you looking for something more secure? Signature app lets you protect all the information that you choose to keep private, with just a signature.

Signature is an iPhone app that helps you secure your information from any third party. It has a private and public area, each with two categories: notes and photos. To get started, you need to create your own private area. The information in this area can be accessed only with a special signature code. You can store passwords, account details, secret contacts, e-mail ids, pictures and a lot more.

Once you open the app, you can see the public area, where you can save any number of notes and pictures. This area can be viewed and accessed by anyone without a passcode. You can move to the private area by drawing your signature anywhere on the public area. The signature will be recognized according to its shape, direction and speed.

Signature allows you to set up the accuracy for passcode matching, use separate passcodes for the public and private areas and change them whenever required. The “Multi Segment Signature” feature lets you make gestures to create small signatures, which can be combined to form a single string. You can organize your notes and photos easily and rearrange them as well. You can flick through notes and images effortlessly. The app automatically detects phone numbers, email addresses and web links from the notes. Using Signature you can even import and export photos from the library. It would have been good if the developers had included a Help section. The app’s UI can also be enhanced.

Signature-Secret Notes & Photos is a free app that requires iOS 4.3 or later versions. It allows you to store 3 secret notes and 3 photos. You will have to purchase the paid version for $1.99 to store unlimited notes and photos.

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