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Secure Tech Body Cameras

A sense of security is one of the key elements in the life of a human being. We thrive on that sense of security. To improve that sense of security, and thereby also optimal functioning, the government provides security through security companies on airports, public locations such as hospitals, town halls, train stations, money transport, et cetera. But even for these security companies, it’s not easy to have and keep everything under control. Innovative security services, i.e. devices, can provide a solution here. One of these innovative devices is the X-Surveillance DS300 body cam.

The X-Surveillance DS300 is a body camera that can be used as a wireless body cam, but also as a body worn camera with PTT functionality. PTT is one of the most important functions of this type of body cam. The device itself is not heavy, is easy to attach, and moreover has only 1 optional cable; namely to connect to the PTT function. The device is easy and fast to use and works just like the current PTT (transceiver) microphones, but the X-Surveillance DS300 has 3 extra functions, for optimal use, i.e. evidence.

  • Record videos (with or without audio)
  • Record pictures
  • Record audio only

The X-Surveillance DS300 is a Full HD waterproof and shockproof body camera with a 16-megapixel photo resolution, 12-hour recording capacity, 26-hour stand by time, 1080p (or 720p) at 30 frames per second in AVI format, encrypted data storage of 32 GB (8-hour storage in Full HD), and password protection. Additionally, this body cam has an infrared night vision that turns on automatically within 1 second when it gets dark. This camera also has a built-in flashlight, for extra light in dark places. And last but not least, this body cam has a pre-recording function, which means that 20 seconds of cache memory is automatically added to the entire video recording.

The advantage of a secure body cameras hardly needs explanation anymore

  • Increased security
  • Works preventively
  • Recording teaching material

The X-Surveillance is the solution to the optimization of safety for society.

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