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Reasons to Get Rid of Your Old Blackberry Phones

There is no denying that mobile phones have become a ‘must-have’ item for today’s busy lifestyles. From teenagers to the over 60s, whether it’s for work or leisure, owning and using a mobile phone has become second nature. But what happens when you update your handset and get a new phone? For many people, the old handset will most probably be thrown in a drawer and forgotten about. But with the average mobile-phone contract being 12 to 24 months, before you know it you will have a drawer full of unused handsets and chargers.

Blackberry is a well-known make of mobile phone and remains a leading player in the market with new handsets regularly being launched. Because of this, many of the older Blackberry handsets still have a good market value. So before you throw your old phone in that drawer, why not consider clearing some space, making some money and selling it instead?

De-Clutter Your Home

Whether you are moving house, cleaning out a room or you have simply had enough of storing items that are unlikely to be used again, selling your old Blackberry handset is a great way of clearing some space. You might not think an old handset takes up much room and perhaps you have kept it just in case you need an emergency phone. But before you know it, one old handset turns into two or more and let’s not including the additional chargers, cables and old boxes that are cluttering up your space.

Don’t forget that throwing mobile phones in the bin isn’t good for the planet. Mobile phones, as with any other small pieces of technology, are made up of a number of components, most of which aren’t biodegradable. By selling your Blackberry handset, rather than putting it in the bin, you can relax safe in the knowledge that you won’t be harming the environment.

Treat Yourself to Something New

Of course, one of the greatest perks of selling a Blackberry Bold online is that you could make a bit of extra money. Blackberry handsets are one of the few brands that retain some value and you might be surprised by just how much you could make by selling yours. If you want to avoid the long process of selling via an auction site, choose one of the many online selling sites that give you cash for your phone instantly instead.

And remember that some of these sites will instantly buy other items too, such as CDs, games, designer clothes and more. Simply enter your handset details into the online evaluation tool to get an instant quote and then send your items for free via the post office or courier. Just don’t forget to delete any personal information from your old Blackberry handset or reset it to its original factory settings before you send it.

Jenny Longdon is a self-confessed mobile-phone addict and she often advises consumers on the benefits of selling an old Blackberry phone online. When she’s not road-testing new handsets, she writes for a number of gadget and technology-related websites and blogs.

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