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Real Ways to Get Votes for Facebook Contests

Facebook is and has been over the past several years, the biggest social media network on the Internet.  It has more users than the other platforms, and is usually the name everyone thinks of when talking social media.

Therefore, contests can be a great way of promotion and content marketing for a business.  On the other hand, for contest participants, it’s pretty well known that Facebook contests are very difficult to win. Not only are you competing with millions of other Facebook users, Facebook contests generally don’t require too much effort to win.

Even so, one advantage you may have is that many people consider a contest entry as a “one and done.”  Fill out a form, give an email address, or for creative contests, get votes.  Using a little creativity, you can come up with a strategy that goes beyond asking your family and friends for votes.  Here are some ways to gather more votes and increase your chances of winning quite significantly.

  • Make friends with your fellow contest participants.  A quick search will show you there are dozens of these kinds of networking pages.  They allow you to network and make friends with others who are into sweepstakes and contests.  And the great thing is that one of the biggest reasons for these groups is to be able to turn to each other when votes are needed. Try a quick Google search for “Facebook Vote Exchange Groups” to get started. When you need votes for woobox contests, you can buy woobox votes from $17 USD at vapulsemedia.

  • Expand your Twitter-verse!  Because of the short and concise platform Twitter uses, it is one of the best forms of social media to grow a network.  Don’t be too commercial with it, though. There are already enough spammers and auto followers out there that you can easily turn people off and you won’t get votes that way.  Rather, try to follow people who share the same interests and hobbies.  A bit more of a personal relationship can certainly make it easier to ask for contest votes, and you can do the same for some of your new friends.
  • Consider utilizing your email. Think of how many emails you send out each day. Consider adding a link to email signature that goes to your contest entry. Be mindful, though, of sending these at work. You should know when it’s appropriate and if it’s not.
  •  Consider putting your blogs and forums you belong to work. If you have your own blog, you may have a subscriber feed, and there are some potential voter right there. Again be mindful, though. You don’t want to lose blog subscribers by being too pushy.  One solicitation is likely enough. But, you can place a link to the vote on top of your blog. Don’t have a blog of your own?  You can still utilize them with a little bit of effort. Try to Google the name of your contest and see what blogs come up that may mention it. If you reach out to the blog owner, they may allow you to make a guest post, or post your link in a comment section. Remember you have to be willing to reciprocate, but it can’t hurt to build your network.

Get creative, know the contest rules, spend time on your entries, and you may not have to rely on luck alone to be a winner!

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Milana Rose, AppLecture news editor. Kind, sympathetic and very inquisitive person, who loves to help people with the "computer", and not only those challenges sufficiently due to her knowledge. Hobbies - Apple products, drawing, dancing, swimming, a healthy lifestyle. In a private use - MacBook Air, iPad 2, iPhone 4, iPod Nano 5, iPod touch, Mac Mini.
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