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Popular Vaping Trends in 2017

The vaping industry is undergoing great revolution these days with the advanced technologies and feature-rich vape products. Vaping culture developed within last few years and professional stat analyzers these days are expecting billion dollars turn over from vaping industry in the coming future. There is no doubt to say that it has grown now with modernist trends and stylish product designs. One can even purchase a customized unit for leading his unique personality at a variety of venues.

People who are involved in the vaping industry from along past have evaluated the current vaping trends after huge research. Few insights of gathered data are provided here:

People need bigger cloud:

Earlier vaping enthusiasts were satisfied with the little wispy vapors but now they need big, long clouds. People these days are not ready to invest in a device that cannot produce tons of vapors. Even, in most of the cases, you will find people like a fog machine that are creating clouds all around.

Buyers are concerned about mods:

A few years ago, people used to buy cigalikes and other traditional vaping machines. But now vape lovers are moving ahead with technologies and they are more interested in big box mods.

Customized devices:

People love to set their vape ranges as per their mood so they need a customized solution. That is why most brands these days are making efforts to develop highly personalized units with several fun accessories. You can buy your unique machine as per your personal vaping mood swings and it will always assist you with easy operations and advanced switching function. Beginners can try starter vape kit to enjoy the excellent vaping experience.

Impact of dessert flavors:

The advanced ecig users are always desperate to try new flavors for vaping. You can find so many varieties in the market with varying taste and pricing. Some of the most popular ones are sweet flavors and strawberry shortcake. There is a big shift in trend in terms of fall of tobacco. A few years ago people were crazy about tobacco flavors but today they look for a fruity and desert flavor.

Battery powered machines:

Most manufacturers these days are designing vaping machines with battery support. They are much easier to use and serve best for outdoor trips. Note that customized vaping machines give full control to users so that they can adjust wattage range for vaping and the battery consumption also depends upon this setting. However, the battery operated and customized vaping machines are costly enough, still, they are loved by most of the people around the world.

Easy Availability:

There is no need to visit stores around to find your favorite vaping unit. You can order it online at a reasonable price now. Stores offer great discounts on combined shopping for vaping machines and eliquids. The recognized website can help you to find a best vaping device to enjoy current trends.

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