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Overview of External USB-Batteries Hypermac Micro

Hypermac Micro

Sometimes situations happen, when during a trip not only iPhone needs to be recharged, but also your iPad, your wife’s iPod, your son’s e-book, father’s e-cigarettes and other family gadgets. You can’t recharge iPad from telephone’s case. The series of Hypermac batteries comes to the rescue.

Hypermac Micro

The name Hypermac itself indicates that the company began its activity with production of external batteries for Macs. We will consider them in our next overview. And now we will apply to favorite gadgets with «i» prefix.

I had to test Hypermac Micro battery. It’s a box in size of a cigarette’s pack, and twice less in thickness. Battery capacity is 3600mAh, which is enough for full recharge of three iPhones or extending of iPad lifetime for 5 hours.

Hypermac Micro

To begin charging, it’s enough to stick USB-cable of the telephone into Hypermac Micro. As it is seen at the photo above, the battery is equipped with indicator, showing the level of discharge. It will change its color from green (full charge) to red (< 20%). Hypermac Micro

Hypermac Micro can be recharged in two ways: via mini USB or special included cable. I’ve never used the second way, preferring the first, as mini USB can be stuck into iPhone’s own battery or PC port.

Hypermac Micro has curve surface for creating ribs. For instance, it doesn’t matter, if something heavy falls down on its top. The battery is comfortable for hands, fits into jeans pocket or inside pocket of a backpack. By its weight, it’s similar to iPhone 4 (134 vs.135 g).

Hypermac Micro

By means of Hypermac Micro you can recharge not only Apple devices, which makes the battery a universal solution for travels.

Hypermac Micro
Hypermac Micro

There are 10 colors available at the market – by number of iPod nano colors.

Hypermac Micro

As to disadvantages… I haven’t found any. That’s it.

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