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Overcoming Sales Challenges with Mobile Apps

What is the key in overcoming sales challenges while keeping up with our fast mobile environment? “Apps”. Since business is happening on the go in office lobbies, Starbucks, and even in the car, it’s crucial that your firm establish mobile initiatives. Apps are the perfect tool to leverage your business development and communication efforts with your clients in the most efficient manner. Accessibility to sales software at your fingertips can change the direction of your client’s conversation in a snap. Commonly, it can be problematic for your team when they feel unsupported in the field; apps keep your sales team on track and enabled with the most up-to-date and operational sales tools. Even if your company has a singular location, time spent in cubes and at desks is decreasing meaning workers need to be just as diligent in and out of the office, in conference rooms, and in meetings. With constant improvements in technology, workers are becoming comfortable with using mobile apps, utilizing them as an extension of the office. Blending the lines between personal and business time has shown a great increase in sales and efficiency of workers. Since everyone wants a consumer-like experience, employees and sales teams are ready to take on the empowerment of using mobile apps. Especially if your marketing and sales teams are self-starters, it would be advantageous for you to free them from the desk to maximize their on-the-go capabilities. Since entrepreneurial spirits are celebrated for their commitment and drive, most business owners have already adapted mobile apps into their daily strategies.

Similarly, tracking your success is key to recreating it again and expanding your future goals. Sadly, 56% of companies don’t know if their content is effective. Imagine most marketing professionals spend 40% of their time building your brand and almost none of your target market is then accessing your content. That leaves 80% of your developed content to never see the light of day! Yet, only 58% of customers believe that thought leadership is a critical factor in content development. With so much focus on content, only 46% of companies have more than one sales portal. It would make sense for companies to focus on sales strategies, efficiency, and consistency in their approach rather than waste time developing unused content. In fact, only 8% of business to business based firms align their sales and marketing forces. With the future in the palm of technological advances in mobile applications, 85% of sales will occur with no human contact by 2020. It makes sense to channel our energy into providing clients with immediate information and our sales force with up-to-date sales tools. Client testimonials at your fingertips will empower and educate your consumer beyond the standard sales approach. Research shows that 94% of marketers say their customer stories are the best content.

In this customer-centric economy, it is vital that we implement mobile solutions for our clients and our sales force. We do our team a disservice by keeping them behind a desk when being on the go is their duty. If your company could be doing business in the hall, the lobby, conference rooms, and at meetings imagine the increase in their morale and in your bottom line. When your teams feel supported with the ease of software in their hand, they will be more likely to use the technology. The benefits of utilizing mobile applications are truly endless starting with the 24/7 support of your team in and out of the office to benefiting the end user with instant information.

Infographic courtesy of ROInnovation.com

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Chris Warren is interested in Apple technology and how it works. He writes reviews of the applications for iOS and Max OS X, as well as reviews of different devices and accessories for Apple equipment. His free time he spends in the company of friends and acquaintances, most of the time joking and smiling. In private hands – iPhone 4 and iMac 24.
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