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Must-Know Hashtag Techniques for More Followers on Instagram

Are you using hashtags on your posts but still not getting any new followers on Instagram? Wondering which hashtags you could use to attract right kind of Instagram followers? If so, here’s the solution!

We have done a lot of research to grow Instagram account and learnt to share everything to help you. Most users don’t even know how to use hashtags the best way that can really help attract more followers on Instagram. It’s the big secret that only biggies have cracked. If you know this trick, you can attract more followers with hashtags on your Instagram. There are two types of hashtags and there are two different options to use them.

If you use right hashtags in right ways, you will definitely attract more followers. You have to use two different types of hashtags for two different purposes –

  • To Find Your Desired Audience and Grow It
  • To get Found by Your Target Audience

To Find Your Desired Audience and Grow It

You need to use hashtags that are used by your target audience. You can use them all the time. Use it mostly when you have smaller presence and want to grow your following. Here’s how you can do it –

  • Step 1 – Choose any three followers in your account
  • Step 2 – Find out which hashtag they are using. Open their accounts, find out five hashtags, and start a list.
  • Step 3 – Start searching on Instagram for those 5 hashtags
  • Step 4 – Choose common hashtags with different popularity
  • Step 5 – Do this step again for all the original 5 hashtags picked by you and consider adding them to your list. This way, you will have around 15 hashtags in total
  • Step 6 – Find potential followers using those 15 hashtags
  • Step 7 – Enhance engagement with your followers to be.
  • Step 8 – Repeat as much as possible.

To Get Found by Your Target Audience

This way, you have to use hashtags that can show your biz and that your target audience searches for. You can use these tags all the time, especially when you have proper engagement to get discovered and rank in “Top Posts”.

  • Step 1 – You need to brainstorm what would your target audience/customers search for. Choose hashtags that can best describe your products or business and make a list.
  • Step 2 – Find out the hashtags used by your competitors
  • Step 3 – Ask what your followers like to search
  • Step 4 – Find 10 to 30 relevant hashtags on Instagram with different popularity scores
  • Step 5 – Use these when it comes to post on Instagram

How to Post with Hashtags?

Basically, there is a limit to post with only 30 hashtags. But you have to consider quality more than quantity. If you use only a few hashtags, you may be limiting yourself to get found when your followers search. Otherwise, by using too many hashtags, you will encounter a lot of spammy followers.

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